4 Eco-friendly Water Usage Upgrades for the Loo

Embodying the word “eco-friendly” in a lifestyle can be intimidating at first. However, everyone can do it if they start with simple easy steps, especially with water usage in the bathroom. Many water usage experts claim that the modern bathroom system today is inefficient. That’s why a bathroom shop Brisbane has these days can offer unconventional but helpful bathroom fixtures.

Here are some of them:

Motion sensor faucets

It sounds a bit intimidating, like a prude security robot, but motion sensor faucets are actually environment-friendly.

They release water only when motion is detected. This is common around commercial spaces, where people usually come in and out in a hurry, often forgetting to close faucets.

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Motion sensor faucets can also be used in residential dwellings. It also suits bathrooms for the aged and the disabled, as it requires no hand operation. If you have small children, you can also put motion sensor faucets in your bathroom.

The bathroom shop Brisbane has these days sells motion sensor faucets for as low as A$42.00. Meanwhile, a bathroom shop Brisbane has can also sell a hot and cold hands-free tap for a pricier A$116.00.

Hand showersshowering like the Japanese

Faucets often contribute to the wastage of water, but showers are different things. Poor shower habits and bad shower design contribute to water usage inefficiency in the bathroom.

The conventional shower head aiming down is not bad, but it’s really inefficient. Water flows constantly even when it’s not needed, like when you’re scrubbing your body. Soapy water can also be dangerous especially if your bath tiles are of the slippery kind, too.

Most of the time, people make amends by buying low-flow shower heads—which is just so sad.

If you want to save water, take a cue from the Japanese. The way they bath is actually smart and eco-friendly.

They take a bath by sitting on a small, comfortable stool. Next, they fill a bucket with water and then scrub and rinse the grime away with a shower head. Simple, but efficient. They use about 10% lesser water than the average shower.

They have been bathing smartly a long time, actually. They separate bath and excrement—bath is for leisure, while excrement is for money making. Wait, what? Yup, they sold their excrement as fertilizer to farmers. The rich even got more because their diet was better.

If you’re interested to try, a Brisbane bathroom shop nowadays sells wall showers with holders for about A$45.00 to A$49.00.

Unconventional Toilets

These are toilets that are distinguishable from average toilets by their water-saving quality, but they serve the same flushing purpose.

Foam-flush Toilets

In foam-flush toilets, a mixture of water and biocompatible soap is used to move waste through a 4-inch pipe to the composting tank. Biocompatible soap contains a small amount of made from potassium-based lye. It’s efficient because while it cleans the toilet bowl every flush, it only uses about 3 oz. of water.

Vacuum Toilets

It may sound new, but Vacuum toilets have been around for 35 years. This type is commonly used in ships, airplanes, and trains, however, a bathroom shop Brisbane has these days sells vacuum toilets for residential bathrooms, too.

It uses air to suck the excrement and then deposit it to a tank. It uses about less than 1 litre of water every time you flush, compared to the average 8 litres used by ordinary toilets.

If you want to find a bathroom shop Brisbane has these days, you can contact Builders World for shower outlets, baths, basins, and more.

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