4 Problems Your Bathroom Renovators Should Prioritise

You don’t need to think hard why bathroom renos are cost-efficient. People in Australia get bathroom renovations because it’s cheaper than yearly maintenance, especially for older houses. It also adds value to your home if you sell it. If you’re looking for bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs builders do these days, here are some problems they need to prioritise:

Inefficient exhaust fans

The bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs have today also include remodeling high-end houses’ bathrooms. Surprisingly, they get renos too because of poor ventilation. Poor ventilation stems from inefficient exhaust fans and poorly positioned windows.

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Malfunctioning exhaust fans either produce a loud sound because of improper sealing or dust build-up. Your renovator might suggest getting a new extractor fan, instead. It sucks extra moisture in your bathroom that causes mould and mildew. There are even other brands that can detect motion.

Excessive humidity and condensation—why do these two need to be controlled?

Besides from being the main causes of mould, it can also lead to poor indoor air quality. This isn’t only detrimental to your bathroom, but also to your health. Mould and dust in the bathroom are breeding grounds for bathroom bacteria like E-Coli and Hepatitis A.

The bathroom renovations Ringwood has nowadays should prioritise good air flow in the bathroom.

Bathroom fans that affect attic ventilation

Some bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs have also include attic problems that are bathroom-related. This is because of exhaust fans that vent bad air to the attic, instead of venting it outside. It’s accumulating unnecessary humidity in the attic. This is annoying as it could cost you extra repair especially if your attic has no proper vents to let in air from outside. Water damage from condensation could ruin your roof sheeting.

If you’re opting for bathroom facelifts Melbourne has these days, you should let them check where the vent pipes from your bathroom lead to.

Clogged pipes / Poor plumbing

Sometimes you just can’t have it all. You have a beautiful house, a decent bathroom, and a rattling sound every time you shower—the last one needs to go. It’s a sign of poor plumbing and poorly secured pipes where the water passes through.

Leaky faucets and shower heads are also signs of malfunctioning pipes. You have to put water wastage on the top of your priority list during meetings with your renovators.

The shower renovations Melbourne has these days can provide tradies with plumbing expertise. Make sure to contact a company that can zero in on your shower plumbing problem.

You need to prioritise your showers because dirty shower waters could lead to eye infection called Fungal Keratitis.

Small tiles and grout

Grout is difficult to clean, and even more difficult to manually replace—especially if you have small tiles! Grout that houses mould should go through a complete remodeling.

During the discussion of materials to be used, tell your renovators to choose medium to large sized tiles that measure 15 inches square. They are lower maintenance compared to smaller tiles.

Also, to avoid mould from growing back, you can seal the tiles if they’re porous, but not the grout. Sealing the grout could cause you more problems because you can never prevent water from slipping through small cracks.

If you seal the tiled flooring including the grout, water can’t evaporate, causing moisture to form under the flooring and accumulating mould.

So let those grout free. If you don’t want it to get dirty, tell your renovators to put dark-coloured grout.

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