5 Ways You Can Fireproof Your New Home

Other than cyclones and natural disasters, fires are among the reasons why people lose their homes. The Sunday Times previously reported about a Bushfire map showing most places in Western Australia that are prone to fires, such as in Perth. First home builders Perth WA has today should inform their clients about this potential hazard. If you are a new homeowner within the area, educating yourself is also a good idea.

When you plan to buy a new home in a bushfire prone area like Perth, applying for a home insurance plan is the first thing on your mind as a security measure in case a fire burns down your entire home.  However, other than home insurance, there are also ways to keep your new home bushfire resistant.


1. Bushfire Hazard Assessment

This type of assessment is required for new homes in bushfire-prone areas such as Perth. Reliable first home builders Perth WA has today should initiate such assessment to ensure your safety before committing to build your new home. You could easily trust a builder who proactively offers solutions even before you inquire about it.

2. Use Bushfire Resistant Materials 

When you talk to potential first home builders Perth WA offers, ask about the type of materials they will use for your new home. Bushfire resistant timber, bricks, fibro, masonry or concrete are fire-proof materials used for walls and roof as required by law. Non-combustible decking products and toughened glass are also bushfire resistant materials that you should use for your new home. You can also install ember screens on evaporative air conditioners or window screens for added safety.

3. Simplify Roof Design 

There are areas in Perth that are more prone to bushfires than others. Having complicated roof designs may trap leaves and other flammable debris on the roof. Some places in West Australia completely ban complicated roof designs. Instead of spending more money on regular gutter maintenance to prevent fire, you can spend your hard earned money on other bills. First homebuyers house and land Perth has today should talk to a skilled builder for a simple yet stylish roof.

4. Prepare a Detailed Evacuation Plan 

First homebuyers house and land Perth has today should include this plan when designing the house. It should come handy not only during a fire but also during other disasters. Make sure that your new home will have a clear evacuation plan posted in noticeable areas such near the kitchen sink, in the bathroom and near the fire extinguisher for other members to be aware.

5. Use Fire Retardant Paints 

First homebuyers house and land packages Perth wide should reconsider the use of timber decks. However, if you can’t part with your timber deck as it adds charm to your home, you can opt for fire retardant paints to reduce the risk of catching fires.

The above are just a few tips on how to keep your new home fireproof. Proper assessment and education are key to avoid losing your new property to a fire.

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