A Pet Owner’s Checklist of Dog Accessories, Gears, and Other Needs

Is this your first time to own a dog? Are you looking forward to enjoying awesome memories with your pet? Do you like to keep your furry canine companion for a long time? If yes, it’s a must to have the right dog carrier, gears, accessories, and other pet care items to care for them effectively. To help you shop for the right product, here’s a list of basic must-haves you need to buy first.


Whether you like to join dog fashion shows or not, buying the right clothing for your dog is a must. The right dog robes could help you dry them effectively after giving them a good bath. Having the following clothing types is also a good move:

  1. Belly bands
  2. Tuxedos and vests
  3. Hoodies and sweaters
  4. Pajamas
  5. Pants and jumpers
  6. Costumes

With these clothing options, you can dress up your dog and make it picture-perfect for Instagram or dog shows.


Are you planning to take a good long walk by the beach with your dog? Or are you looking forward to a refreshing run to the nearby trail with your furry pet? Whichever is the case, be sure to buy a dog carrier so that you can take your pet with you anywhere you go. Choose a pet carrier that’s foldable and stable. And don’t forget to consider your dog’s full size and breed when buying strollers. Take a look at Bitch New York

Daily Essentials

Pet care should be done daily to keep your furry companions fresh and clean. This is essential for their health. And for yourself, this ensures that your home will remain tidy and clean, despite the presence of your pets. For a start, potty training for dogs is important. Then be sure to have the following for their daily grooming:

    1. Fragrances, shampoos, and conditioners
    2. Towels
    3. Grooming tools
  • Car seats for dogs
  1. Calming aids
  2. Food and nutrition

Like people, dogs also need daily grooming to keep them free from illnesses, such as skin issues, foul smell, dog parasites, and ticks. And most importantly, feed them with the right foods daily.


Lastly, wrap up your dog’s get-up with the right accessories. Especially if you’re fond of joining dog fashion shows, be sure to have hot pink dog collars, hats, headwear, and pet jewellery. Buy a pair of shoes and socks for them to use during extreme weather conditions. The following accessories are also awesome ones to have:

  1. Dog bed
  2. Harnesses and ID tags
  3. Leashes and leash hooks
  4. Blankets
  5. Eyewear
  6. Barrettes and bows

Caring for a dog is fun. Yes, there will be times when you have to suffer from their unruly behavior once in a while. But if you have the right accessories and gears (e.g., leashes, carriers), you’ll be able to tame them in no time. Are you now looking for a provider of durable dog carrier and other pet care items? If yes, you might like to visit the online shop of Bitch New York. The shop provides chic and top-quality dog products. You can place your order online and have it shipped to your home. For more details, visit their website at: