Why Asphalt is the Best Option for Your Driveway

Depending on where you live, the past winter may have caused extreme damage to your driveway. However, even if it rarely snows in Sydney and Wollongong, you still need to perform regular maintenance for your driveway to keep it in good shape. If regular maintenance does not improve your curb appeal, you may want to do a driveway makeover to revamp the look of your driveway. If you plan to switch to asphalt or bitumen, you can talk to dealers of asphalt Sydney has today so you can compare their prices and services.

If you are still contemplating whether asphalt is the best option for your driveway, you can take a look at the following advantages of using asphalt below.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

With recent innovation in technology, more and more people opt for eco-friendly materials, especially on their driveways. Recycling campaigns worldwide are changing the modern landscape especially when it comes to driveways. Just recently, researchers at RMIT University in Australia have discovered a safe way to dispose of cigarette butts and that is to seal them inside roads and pathways. This is a great way to keep toxic cigarette butts from leaching the environment and at the same time, it improves the insulation properties of asphalt as well. Butt-enhanced asphalt is also proven to trap less heat from the sun which will help reduce heat. When you opt for an asphalt driveway, you can talk to contractors for asphalt Sydney has today for an eco-friendly paving for your driveway.


Compared to other paving materials, asphalt is more pliable even during freeze and thaw cycles. Its black colour absorbs the sun’s heat during summer and snow can melt faster on asphalt pavements as well. Because of its ability to contract and expand without damage in any weather condition, this is the most cost-effective option for your driveway. This is the reason why some asphalt roads last longer than concrete. Modern road construction Sydney has today often use a combination of asphalt and concrete to make roads more durable.

Saves Installation Time

Asphalt driveways can be driven on already as soon as 24 hours after installation. Since asphalt hardens by cooling rather than by drying, it sets faster compared to concrete thus making it an ideal paving material for your driveway. If you are within Wollongong area, competent asphalt contractors Wollongong has today will complete the installation of your driveway even at a short notice.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining asphalt is fairly easy. There are a lot of DIY options available to keep your asphalt driveway in tip-top shape. You can resurface the asphalt yourself using driveway sealant. You can even use asphalt patch or crack fillers to fix cracks. Simply visit a trusted supplier for asphalt Sydney has today for affordable asphalt maintenance kits that you can use. In case of asphalt staining, you can use recommended stain removers that are compatible with your asphalt driveway.

The above are a few reasons why asphalt is the best cost effective way to use for your driveway. However, if your asphalt really needs major repair, you can also call expert asphalt or bitumen contractors Sydney has today for a more professional finish.

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