Improving your House Space: Creating More Living Areas with Granny Flats

Improving your House Space: Creating More Living Areas with Granny Flats


As the years go by, the needs of a family in terms of space also evolve. From a family of husband and wife, young ones soon troop in and all of the sudden, your current house space is not enough anymore! A granny flat Auckland dealers sell today may come in handy for such circumstances. What’s more, you can find units that are prefabricated and customized already so they are ready for occupation! What this implies is that your granny flat is built off-site and simply brought over for installation. With a home that is already occupied, having builders on-site may not be a convenient option and these granny flats come in handy! Moreover, with the technology that is used to create them, a pre-built unit translates into a cheap granny flat Auckland offers.

Considerations to guide the design of your granny flat Much as the granny flat Auckland has will be built at a different location, you still have much influence over its design. Below are a few factors that ought to guide the design you end up with:

1. The Use of the Granny Flat

Will the additional space be a detached residence of your aging parents or the college-age kids? Or perhaps you have extra room in your backyard and have figured that a bit of rental income can be generated from it? Well, regardless of your reasons for seeking a granny flat in Auckland, remember that its cost-effectiveness will greatly be determined by the functionality its users enjoy!

2. Local Government Regulations

This is bound to be an additional unit in your home and as such, the local council must certainly have by-laws or regulations that guide its erection. Be sure to know how such policies may influence the end product before you get started on the project.

3. Identify any Applicable Hidden Costs that may come to play

A loose quotation of the cost of an Auckland granny flat is bound to leave out such elements as wiring and electricity as well as plumbing. In the end, these are aspects that will certainly push up your expenditure in a manner that cannot be ignored. Therefore, even as you are working out a budget, be sure to identify as many of these unobvious costs as may be possible; this could impact on the final design you choose.

4. Outdoor Aesthetics of the Flat

Since it is going to be part of your home, you cannot ignore the need for a nice, outward ambiance. While the construction of a granny flat Auckland has may be guided largely by its function, the outward design is a crucial aspect as well. Consider marrying its design to that of the main house without going over the top! This simply means infusing a design element or two from the main house into the granny flat for a bit of harmony.

Manor Build is a company that helps you pre-fabricate granny flats in Auckland for the additional room you need. At, you will learn more about the professionalism of its builders and the wide range of granny-flat options available to you!

Why Asphalt is the Best Option for Your Driveway

Why Asphalt is the Best Option for Your Driveway


Depending on where you live, the past winter may have caused extreme damage to your driveway. However, even if it rarely snows in Sydney and Wollongong, you still need to perform regular maintenance for your driveway to keep it in good shape. If regular maintenance does not improve your curb appeal, you may want to do a driveway makeover to revamp the look of your driveway. If you plan to switch to asphalt or bitumen, you can talk to dealers of asphalt Sydney has today so you can compare their prices and services.

If you are still contemplating whether asphalt is the best option for your driveway, you can take a look at the following advantages of using asphalt below.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

With recent innovation in technology, more and more people opt for eco-friendly materials, especially on their driveways. Recycling campaigns worldwide are changing the modern landscape especially when it comes to driveways. Just recently, researchers at RMIT University in Australia have discovered a safe way to dispose of cigarette butts and that is to seal them inside roads and pathways. This is a great way to keep toxic cigarette butts from leaching the environment and at the same time, it improves the insulation properties of asphalt as well. Butt-enhanced asphalt is also proven to trap less heat from the sun which will help reduce heat. When you opt for an asphalt driveway, you can talk to contractors for asphalt Sydney has today for an eco-friendly paving for your driveway.


Compared to other paving materials, asphalt is more pliable even during freeze and thaw cycles. Its black colour absorbs the sun’s heat during summer and snow can melt faster on asphalt pavements as well. Because of its ability to contract and expand without damage in any weather condition, this is the most cost-effective option for your driveway. This is the reason why some asphalt roads last longer than concrete. Modern road construction Sydney has today often use a combination of asphalt and concrete to make roads more durable.

Saves Installation Time

Asphalt driveways can be driven on already as soon as 24 hours after installation. Since asphalt hardens by cooling rather than by drying, it sets faster compared to concrete thus making it an ideal paving material for your driveway. If you are within Wollongong area, competent asphalt contractors Wollongong has today will complete the installation of your driveway even at a short notice.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining asphalt is fairly easy. There are a lot of DIY options available to keep your asphalt driveway in tip-top shape. You can resurface the asphalt yourself using driveway sealant. You can even use asphalt patch or crack fillers to fix cracks. Simply visit a trusted supplier for asphalt Sydney has today for affordable asphalt maintenance kits that you can use. In case of asphalt staining, you can use recommended stain removers that are compatible with your asphalt driveway.

The above are a few reasons why asphalt is the best cost effective way to use for your driveway. However, if your asphalt really needs major repair, you can also call expert asphalt or bitumen contractors Sydney has today for a more professional finish.

5 Ways You Can Fireproof Your New Home

5 Ways You Can Fireproof Your New Home


Other than cyclones and natural disasters, fires are among the reasons why people lose their homes. The Sunday Times previously reported about a Bushfire map showing most places in Western Australia that are prone to fires, such as in Perth. First home builders Perth WA has today should inform their clients about this potential hazard. If you are a new homeowner within the area, educating yourself is also a good idea.

When you plan to buy a new home in a bushfire prone area like Perth, applying for a home insurance plan is the first thing on your mind as a security measure in case a fire burns down your entire home.  However, other than home insurance, there are also ways to keep your new home bushfire resistant.

1. Bushfire Hazard Assessment

This type of assessment is required for new homes in bushfire-prone areas such as Perth. Reliable first home builders Perth WA has today should initiate such assessment to ensure your safety before committing to build your new home. You could easily trust a builder who proactively offers solutions even before you inquire about it.

2. Use Bushfire Resistant Materials 

When you talk to potential first home builders Perth WA offers, ask about the type of materials they will use for your new home. Bushfire resistant timber, bricks, fibro, masonry or concrete are fire-proof materials used for walls and roof as required by law. Non-combustible decking products and toughened glass are also bushfire resistant materials that you should use for your new home. You can also install ember screens on evaporative air conditioners or window screens for added safety.

3. Simplify Roof Design 

There are areas in Perth that are more prone to bushfires than others. Having complicated roof designs may trap leaves and other flammable debris on the roof. Some places in West Australia completely ban complicated roof designs. Instead of spending more money on regular gutter maintenance to prevent fire, you can spend your hard earned money on other bills. First homebuyers house and land Perth has today should talk to a skilled builder for a simple yet stylish roof.

4. Prepare a Detailed Evacuation Plan 

First homebuyers house and land Perth has today should include this plan when designing the house. It should come handy not only during a fire but also during other disasters. Make sure that your new home will have a clear evacuation plan posted in noticeable areas such near the kitchen sink, in the bathroom and near the fire extinguisher for other members to be aware.

5. Use Fire Retardant Paints 

First homebuyers house and land packages Perth wide should reconsider the use of timber decks. However, if you can’t part with your timber deck as it adds charm to your home, you can opt for fire retardant paints to reduce the risk of catching fires.

The above are just a few tips on how to keep your new home fireproof. Proper assessment and education are key to avoid losing your new property to a fire.

Solar Powered World: The Inner Working of Solar Energy Panels and their Benefits

Solar Powered World: The Inner Working of Solar Energy Panels and their Benefits


Throughout history, the inventions of new technology have led to many great discoveries and advancement of our species – but at what cost? The pollution and waste created by some of these marvels of science have led to less potable drinking water, less fresh air to breathe, and many other alarming facts. Electrical energy rates continue to climb, homeowners are looking to find different ways to cut their costs while still obtaining the electricity they need to actually completely power their houses. If you live in Australia, one of the popular options there in the pursuit of greener energy would be hiring solar panel installation Adelaide services have to offer. Another particular choice which is available will be the using of homemade solar panels. This article explores the positive effects of utilizing solar energy for a greener future:

How do solar panels work?

Solar electric panels, also known as PV or photovoltaic modules, are a great way to go green. Although they are not the cheapest alternative to consider, your investment in the panels can not only save you money in the long run but once the initial investment has been paid, the panels can earn you money as well. Such individual solar panels capture the sun’s rays and consequently convert to useful electricity. There are several many advantages to this idea, essentially, this sort of electrical power is free of charge and it’s helpful to the environment.

How is the electricity generated?

Let’s first begin by reviewing high school science. As some of you may know, light is a form of energy. This energy is formed out of protons and neutrons, which form the electrons. These electrons, when connected into a circuit, create basic electricity. Now, there are two types of electricity, Direct Current (DC) where the electricity flows in only one direction, and Alternating Current (AC) which flows both ways, similar to a tide on the ocean. With solar electric panels, two thin sheets of positively and negatively charged silicon are placed between glass plates. Sandwiched inside the silicon is a series of small wires. When the sun’s light hits the panel, the electrons are separated in a process where the positive neutrons are repelled, while the negative neutrons get trapped in the magnetic field caused by the two silicon sheets. Next, the negative neutrons are attracted to the small wires and begin to form a complete circuit, which in turn creates electricity. Finally, the solar electric panels are fitted with a power inverter. This is so that the newly harvested DC electricity may be formed into AC, which is what our houses require.

The Benefits?

  • Cheaper electricity, of course!
  • Solar panels run silently.
  • Solar panels just lay upon your roof working 12 hours a day without complaint making and storing your energy.
  • Your attic area will become much cooler and more enjoyable due to the panels blocking the sun’s immense heat.

Most of Australia’s most prominent solar energy company and solar energy providers such as Sunterra can do the works for you, but this very simple process for capturing a renewable energy source is also used for homemade solar panels. Both these options are wise investments for those of us who wish to go green.

5 Ways to Maximize the Space of Your Small Shop

5 Ways to Maximize the Space of Your Small Shop


Although online stores are becoming more popular, having a physical store is still an advantage.  There are clients who prefer to visit and check the product they saw online and visiting an actual store is the best way to do so.  As much as you want to have a large space to showcase your product, the cost is just way too high and all you can afford is a small space. Maximising your space should now be your priority and that is when you need expert shopfitters Sydney - Mulberry Group offers to help maximise your small interior to attract more clients.

Shopfitters Sydney - Mulberry Group

Below are a few suggestions on how you can transform a small store and make the interior appear spacious.

1. Invest in Good Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when you think about the store interior. Do not just settle for ordinary lighting. Make sure that the lighting fixtures you choose will showcase your product. If you are selling handmade crafts such as quilts, coasters, candles and other pallet projects, make sure to use a combination of track lights, lamps, sconces and picture lights to ensure that the entire space is well lit.  You can also have a brainstorming session with professional shopfitters Sydney – Mulberry Group has today for more ideas on how to layer your lighting.

2. Keep Things in Order

A craft store can sometimes look cluttered but using neutral colors like ivory and gray for larger items like furniture will keep things look orderly. You can then use brightly colored pillows and vases as accents. Try not to display all your merchandise close to each other. Giving each item enough space will give it an elegant look.

3. Make Use of Mirrors or Frames

If your space is too small and only have one window at the front, you can make it look spacious by using mirrors and frames. Create a window-like effect on walls can make it look larger. Mirrors are a good way to give you an illusion of a large space. Professional shopfitters Sydney – Mulberry Group has today will give you inputs on where you should best put your mirrors to maximise the space.

4. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

When you have a limited floor area, you can also take advantage of the available space on the wall. Other than glass displays, you can also use a decorated cork board to hang smaller items like a handcrafted jewelry for instance. Hanging shelves to showcase your products is also a good idea. Make sure your shelves are well lit so your clients can see your display clearly. Hanging shelves at various levels will also add character to your store. A good shopfitter will know how to incorporate hanging shelves with your overall theme.

5. Open Bookcases as Good Dividers

When you have to make use of a small space, creating small sections to divide the space can be tricky. However, you can still convert a small corner of your shop into a special area to showcase items you have on sale by using bookcases as dividers.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can maximise a small shop. Talk to an expert in shop fittings for more tips or your can visit Mulberry  for more details.

4 Eco-friendly Water Usage Upgrades for the Loo

4 Eco-friendly Water Usage Upgrades for the Loo


Embodying the word “eco-friendly” in a lifestyle can be intimidating at first. However, everyone can do it if they start with simple easy steps, especially with water usage in the bathroom. Many water usage experts claim that the modern bathroom system today is inefficient. That’s why a bathroom shop Brisbane has these days can offer unconventional but helpful bathroom fixtures.

Here are some of them:

Motion sensor faucets

It sounds a bit intimidating, like a prude security robot, but motion sensor faucets are actually environment-friendly.

They release water only when motion is detected. This is common around commercial spaces, where people usually come in and out in a hurry, often forgetting to close faucets.

bathroom shop brisbane

Motion sensor faucets can also be used in residential dwellings. It also suits bathrooms for the aged and the disabled, as it requires no hand operation. If you have small children, you can also put motion sensor faucets in your bathroom.

The bathroom shop Brisbane has these days sells motion sensor faucets for as low as A$42.00. Meanwhile, a bathroom shop Brisbane has can also sell a hot and cold hands-free tap for a pricier A$116.00.

Hand showersshowering like the Japanese

Faucets often contribute to the wastage of water, but showers are different things. Poor shower habits and bad shower design contribute to water usage inefficiency in the bathroom.

The conventional shower head aiming down is not bad, but it’s really inefficient. Water flows constantly even when it’s not needed, like when you’re scrubbing your body. Soapy water can also be dangerous especially if your bath tiles are of the slippery kind, too.

Most of the time, people make amends by buying low-flow shower heads—which is just so sad.

If you want to save water, take a cue from the Japanese. The way they bath is actually smart and eco-friendly.

They take a bath by sitting on a small, comfortable stool. Next, they fill a bucket with water and then scrub and rinse the grime away with a shower head. Simple, but efficient. They use about 10% lesser water than the average shower.

They have been bathing smartly a long time, actually. They separate bath and excrement—bath is for leisure, while excrement is for money making. Wait, what? Yup, they sold their excrement as fertilizer to farmers. The rich even got more because their diet was better.

If you’re interested to try, a Brisbane bathroom shop nowadays sells wall showers with holders for about A$45.00 to A$49.00.

Unconventional Toilets

These are toilets that are distinguishable from average toilets by their water-saving quality, but they serve the same flushing purpose.

Foam-flush Toilets

In foam-flush toilets, a mixture of water and biocompatible soap is used to move waste through a 4-inch pipe to the composting tank. Biocompatible soap contains a small amount of made from potassium-based lye. It’s efficient because while it cleans the toilet bowl every flush, it only uses about 3 oz. of water.

Vacuum Toilets

It may sound new, but Vacuum toilets have been around for 35 years. This type is commonly used in ships, airplanes, and trains, however, a bathroom shop Brisbane has these days sells vacuum toilets for residential bathrooms, too.

It uses air to suck the excrement and then deposit it to a tank. It uses about less than 1 litre of water every time you flush, compared to the average 8 litres used by ordinary toilets.

If you want to find a bathroom shop Brisbane has these days, you can contact Builders World for shower outlets, baths, basins, and more.