Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaner

The importance of first appearance does not only apply to people but also to houses, business premises and buildings in general. There is nothing that speaks out louder than a well maintained clean and presentable carpet. A carpet is a major cost item in your household and needs proper maintenance not only to be presentable but for a clean environment as well. According to Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute, it was not until 1994 that the carpet cleaning industry had any formal carpet cleaning training. As a result of this, many operators have simply acquired carpet cleaning equipment and declared that they are carpet cleaners. Their lack of training on quality cleaning results to very low prices and hasty cleaning that often leads to long term damage to your carpet. For sure, carpet cleaning in Perth is a science requiring skills and expertise and below are points to guide you when choosing a cleaner.

Certified Technician

In carpet cleaning in Perth, you need a certified technician who has been formally trained and qualified, and thus has the ability to identify the correct cleaning procedure and requirements of your carpet. The professional you hire should be able to clean your carpet according to the Australian standards and offer a guarantee not forgetting a pre-inspection and obligation free written quote. The certified technician has an added advantage if he or she is kept up to date with any changes in the industry. They are trained for quality workmanship and provide quality results.

How Often to Clean Your Carpet

Like any other appliance, carpets also need regular maintenance. Same as how cars need servicing so do carpets. For the sake of your health and maintaining the quality of your carpet, you should clean it each year using a professional carpet cleaner. Regular maintenance increases its life span. For small families of two, it’s advisable to clean your carpet at least each year and larger families every six months for a clean carpet. Choose a carpet cleaner who has the knowledge on how to correctly service and maintain your carpet.


When you are carpet cleaning in Perth, beware of the untrained carpet cleaners who charge by room as this is not only unfair but also inaccurate. It’s recommended that you pay for the service per square meter as that covers the total area you want cleaned. So when choosing a carpet cleaner, be keen on their pricing technique. This will save you from overspending and ensure you get your money’s worth on the service.

Extra Services

A professional carpet cleaner is able to provide you with additional services like specialty stain and spot removal and protection from stain or soil. These services come at an additional cost but are very important and reliable. You should be able to point out your expectations before any work is done by the cleaners.

A carpet is an investment that needs to be properly taken care of and choosing the correct carpet cleaner has a positive contribution to its maintenance.

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