Different Types of Dominoes Card Game

Dominoes card game have been known for a long time and there are various types of domino card games. Domino card Is a card measuring 3 × 5 cm and has two parts separated by a line. In each of these sections there are dots, from these points are added up and the value is the value for the card. Usually domino cards are used to fill spare time with friends and family. But there are also those who use this game to make money.

These dominoes originated in China and then spread through trade. This domino game is known as early as 1120 AD and was created by the statesman Keung Tái Kung. At first this domino game was a game that was usually played by nobles. But at this time you can play this game anywhere and anytime along with technological developments.

This game is very popular especially in Indonesia because the majority of people know various types of domino card games. Doing profitable activities on Domino99 can be an excellent primary option.

Types of Dominoes Card Game

Dominoes Card Game

We will provide an explanation of some domino games. There are several types of games using this card, games that use dominoes are very simple, of course. Here are some types of domino games:

1. AduQ

This game is a game that is played by at least two people. Each player who wants to participate will each get two cards and the winner is determined by the player who has the highest score. The highest value in this game is 9 and the lowest is 0. If the number of the two cards you have exceeds 9 then what is counted as the value is the digit of the total value you have. However, if there are two players who have the highest value, the winner is determined from the logs they have.

2. BandarQ

This card game is almost the same as the AduQ game but there are slight differences. The difference in this game is that each player will take turns being the dealer. For the change of the city depends on the determination of the player. If the Player and the dealer both have the same value then the winner is the dealer. But if the player and the dealer have the same value but the player has a log card then the player who comes out is the winner.

3. DominoQQ

This game is a little more complicated than the AduQ and BandarQ games. In this game a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 people. Before entering the game, you should first understand this game. Each participating player will be given three cards and when it is finished each player will see the cards that were dealt. Then if you want to continue the game the player will be given one more card. Of this game is 9 the highest value. In this game there are combinations to get the jackpot and become the winner including:

  • Six Gods Card: The card with the highest value in DominoQQ. To get this card you must have cards that each have a value of 6.
  • Four-Balak Card: After the Six Gods Card, the next is a four-balak card. A four-balak card is a card in which the four cards are logs or twin cards on both sides.
  • Large Pure Card: This is a card that has a total value of 39.
  • Small Pure Card: The last highest card where the four cards when added up do not exceed 9.

With so many variations of the game on dominoes, you certainly won’t get bored easily. Each game on dominoes has a different level of difficulty. But the more difficult the level of the game, of course you will be more challenged and try it. That’s our discussion about the various types of domino card games.

That’s our review of Different Types of Dominoes Card Game, hopefully it can bring good luck and be a source of inspiration for you. Thank you, good luck /Aha

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