Domino Card Gambling History & Patterns that Reflect the Character of the Player

Domino Card Gambling History & Patterns that Reflect the Character of the Player

The popularity of the Domino card gambling game is not as high as other types of card games such as Blackjack, poker and joker, but did you know that this Domino game is actually very exciting and exciting.

Domino itself is a type of card game in which the media used is a card medium that is smaller and slimmer when compared to poker and blackjack cards. In a domino card set, contains 28 cards and each card is divided into two parts of the image area separated by a center line. Each image area on the domino card has a picture of dots or circles (usually red), the number ranging from 0 to 6 freckles.

Then based on the physical form, domino cards are usually divided into 2 options, namely domino cards made of thick paper and domino cards made of plastic which are then formed into blocks. But there are also dominoes made of wood that are also made in blocks.

Domino cards, which are commonly used as domino card gambling media, have various color variations of spots. Apart from red, there are also other color variations that are also used in this card game. Black is usually the color choice most often used after red.

History of the emergence of the Domino card gambling game

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Although not as famous as the types of blackjack and slot online poker card games, domino card gambling is also quite popular. In Indonesia, this card game is very popular. Our society knows it by the name of the gaple game.

Gaple is usually played in between spare time in the village or at the guard post just as entertainment and to fill spare time. While on guard, usually many fathers who are on duty to guard the village play this gaple card game to kill boredom and drowsiness. You may also have had experiences like this.

So, what is the history of the emergence of domino card games? You must be curious, right? To answer your curiosity, let’s see a summary of the history of domino cards that we have successfully written.

Domino Card Gambling Originated in China

Most of the people assume that the domino card gambling game originated in China. This assumption is quite strong as there are quite a number of versions of card games in mainland China that are very similar to dominoes. The name domino itself is said to have been inspired by the pronunciation of a book called the Former Events Book which was found in the Wulin area. This book is none other than the work of a scholar named Zhou Mi who lived during the reign of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

In the Former Events Book, the word “Pupai” is written which is believed to mean “domino” and dice. You gambling lovers know that these two objects are very identical and are often used as a gambling medium. These two objects were brought by foreigners who had stopped in mainland China, to be precise during the reign of Emperor Xiaozong.

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Domino Card Gambling Is Pupai in China

It is Ming, an author of a book with the title Lu Rong, calls “pupai” a domino. There is also a story of a young man in China who is linked to the origins of the domino card game. The young man should want to propose to a girl he loves, but with one condition, the young man must win a traditional game called pupai. Youths are required to win 4 puppies in order to propose to the girl. And the effort was successful. The young man won 4 puppies.

4 pupai as a condition for victory is certainly not much different from the rules for playing domino card gambling in the present era. You domino99 game lovers must be familiar with these kinds of rules. In a domino99 game, each player will get 4 dominoes, where the four domino cards will determine who will be the winner.

So, who actually created the domino card gambling game? Again, the inventor was Chinese. His name is T’ai Kung. He created a domino game. However, there are also other opinions. One of them is the opinion that says that dominoes were first made by a statesman in 1120. It is said that this game was made especially to entertain Emperor Hui Tsung who was ruling the Chinese empire at that time.

Then after the throne was passed on to the crown prince, namely Kao-Tsung, dominoes began to be known by the public. In other words, the game of dominoes could not only be played in the palace by the families of the emperor and aristocrats, but also by ordinary people.

Domino Card Gambling in Europe

It seems that this domino card gambling game has spread to various parts of Europe. Merchants from China contributed to the spread of card gambling, precisely in the early 18th century in Venice and Naples. So, in these two regions the name domino is starting to be echoed.

The word “domino” comes from the Latin “dominus” which means “host”. This game is growing very fast in Europe because European people are so fond of card games to fill their spare time or moments of drinking tea.

Apart from that, the easy rules of play and the unique & amp; different also made the European community so curious and wanted to play domino card gambling. Scottish society calls domino the word “domini” which means “headmaster”. We, the writing team, do not know the correlation between the meaning of the word “domini” and this domino game.

Domino is also one of the new games that dominate in several countries in Europe. Call it Italy, Naples and Venice. Here, people are treated to several card game choices besides dominoes, such as poker and blackjack which previously existed and were famous.

Dominoes: Popular Game, For All Castes

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There is one thing that is most famous about the domino card gambling game, namely dominoes is said to be a popular game. Dominoes is the only game for all castes. Try to pay attention, no matter how rich, poor, the mason profession, the accountant profession, the aristocratic family background, mediocre family background, dominoes or more familiarly known as gaple, are still fun to play together. With a cup of coffee and hot fried banana snacks, playing gaple becomes a luxury in itself for the players.

Domino Rules

A domino set consists of 28 cards and these cards are dealt to 4 players. This means that each player gets 7 cards. This is a general formation that is usually used when dominoes are being played.

Domino card gambling games can be played either individually or in pairs. The rules of the game are easy enough but still fun. Players still need a qualified strategy, skill , and experience to win this gaple game.

Are you curious about how to play it? Actually, how to play domino gambling is very simple. Each player only needs to issue a card with the same number of spots or circles as the number of card spots that the previous player has just issued.

Although it is easy and simple, many players have difficulty getting high scores from this game. There are certain game patterns that can help a player win this gaple gambling.

Besides requiring skills, experience, and the right playing strategy, domino gambling also requires precision, especially to see opportunities. Now, especially for the type of game in pairs, of course a player must be compact with his partner.

Plus, he said, this domino game is equivalent to a chess game in which most of the players must have a high level of concentration. The game of chess is indeed very well known as a brain teaser game. Likewise with dominoes.

Domino: Reflection of the Player Character

There is another unique thing about the domino gambling game, namely dominoes are more or less a reflection of the character of the players. This is associated with the interrelated rules of the domino game. Domino players, while playing, will certainly be required to think about the next steps to win the game. In fact, a player must quickly think about the next 2 or 3 steps so that they are not easily beaten by other players. This kind of strategy, of course, will automatically create a plot or pattern of card games that are constantly connected.

Domino Player Character Variety

Well, it is from this pattern or plot that the player’s character can be guessed. Or vice versa, the player’s character has a share in creating a pattern or flow of the domino game being played. This can sometimes trigger a player to have a very mature, progressive and futuristic vision. For example, by scoring as many points as possible.

or there are also players who are looking to be safe so that they don’t run out of cards. Or there could be a selfish type of player who just wants to win alone. There is also the last type of player, which is the type of player that is deadly. The trick is to “attack” the opponent who is considered the most difficult to beat as a priority. & Nbsp; Actually there are many other types or patterns of play in this game.

And often the game patterns that describe the character of each player can also be a reference for analyzing the player’s daily habits. This means that player characters are not only shown on the domino gambling table, but also reflected in their daily lives.

The author’s team has conducted a small amount of research on this hypothesis, and the results are quite related. For example, a player with a selfish character, in his daily life he will reflect the person who wants to be understood.

For example, if there are players who like to play it safe, they tend to be careful in making decisions that will affect their future. Similar players also tend to be regular in doing everything and are reluctant to leave their comfort zone. Players who are often tricky when they play, for example, also tend to have a lot of tricks and have a hobby of politicizing everything.

Playing dominoes can indeed be an alternative to pass the time. But this gambling game also often consumes time so that the time we have seems to be running out in vain. Even so, this one game is not all bad. By playing dominoes, a player can learn several important things, such as cooperation, practice concentration and memory, and can even stimulate the player’s thinking.

Tips & Tricks to Win Domino Card Gambling

After knowing the pattern or flow of domino gambling, who is not curious about tips and tricks to win domino gambling? So that your insight, loyal readers of our site, are getting more and more about this exciting game, here we are including info on tips and tricks to win dominoes.

By reading the opponent’s card

This one tip is actually easy to apply. The trick is to observe the cards issued by the opponent. Usually our opponents will issue a radiant card. Serial here means that the opponent has the same card more than one or perhaps in a large number. For example, our opponent always issues a number 2. From here we can predict that our opponent has a card with more than 2 number cards. So, what should we do? The trick is to break the pattern he made. The way to decide the right game pattern is to prevent the opponent from continuing to issue his series of cards.

Card Match

Well, another way to break the opponent’s game pattern in domino gambling is by playing cards. Playing cards in this game means that we take out cards with the same pattern and number of spots on both sides.

It cannot be denied that this one trick is very risky because we, the party who complained, must have a card value (the number of spots on the remaining card) less than the card values ​​of the other players. If not, we lose.

Pay attention to the card that has been issued

This trick is the easiest trick because by paying attention to which cards have been issued, we can automatically count the remaining cards.

Counterparty Transfer of Concentration

You could say this one trick is just a trick. The reason is, this trick can be executed only to damage your opponent’s concentration. There are quite a few ways to break your opponent’s concentration. One of them is by issuing cards that don’t actually have a big impact on the players.

Get plenty of physical exercise

Is there a link between physical strength and playing domino gambling? Come to think of it, of course there is. Actually, not only for domino gambling, but for all types of situs slot online gambling games in general. With a strong and fit physique, the brain will have a good level of concentration. Well, this concentration is what determines how easy it is for us to win domino gambling.

Lure Opponents to Issue Cards that Benefit Us

The last trick is to lure your opponent to issue cards that will benefit us later. The method is not easy. However, with the right strategy, qualified skills, and high flying hours, we can definitely execute this one trick.

Well, from this content, hopefully your knowledge about this domino gambling game will increase. Hopefully this information is also useful for you loyal readers of our site. Please share this information with friends or family who really need detailed information about history, developments, and tricks & amp; tips to win the domino game. Just playing it seems fine, as long as you don’t use bets in any form so you don’t get close to the practice and elements of gambling. Domino is just an ordinary card game. This game will be something unusual with two sides of the paradox: dark and light.