Caishens Gold Slot Free Play Review: RTP 97.08% 

Caishens Gold Slot Free Play

You must be eager to enjoy the Caishens Gold slot free play. We’re not simply looking at a generic slot machine with a Chinese theme when it comes to this  game. The Chinese god of prosperity himself was chosen by Pragmatic Play as the main character of this particular game, and he has a significant impact on it. 

A Review of Caishens Gold Slot Free Play

The game that was developed here features free spins, scatters, bonus games with enormous prizes of up to $190,000, and wild symbols on parts of the reels. The slot machine features 5 reels and 243 winning opportunities every spin.

1. Betting Option

The game’s designers chose 38 active lines for the wager in order to make as many uses of the fortunate number 8 as they could, even though there were actually 243 chances to win. 

For those lines, you can choose the amount of coins to use—up to 10 are available—and their value, which can be up to $0.50. With 380 coins, the maximum wager will be worth $190.

If you only focus on the standard combinations, the $1,000 jackpot will not seem very substantial. The actual goals you have on this slot machine, though, are bonus games with set jackpots that can pay as much as $190,000.

2. Slot Features

In the game’s wild feature, Cashein is displayed. You can find this symbol on four of the five reels, specifically the final four. During paid spins, a wild symbol’s appearance on the screen has the potential to randomly activate the Jackpot Bonus Game. However, the wild will typically only be helpful when used in place of another sign.

You will see a fresh screen with a dozen gold coins on it should the Jackpot Bonus Game begin. You must choose from those coins until you find three that are identical. You might win a jackpot payout that is equal to 30x, 50x, 100x, or 1,000x your entire stake, depending on the jackpot logos you receive.

The scatter symbol in Cashein’s Gold, which has a logo and a gong behind it, is another intriguing aspect of the game. The game will reward you with prizes up to 50 times your entire wager just for having three to five symbols with the scatter logo visible on the reels.

When you acquire three or more scatters, the slot machine also awards 10 free spins in addition to cash winnings. The drawback of this slot machine is that scatters must appear in consecutive columns starting with the leftmost reel. 

However, there is a benefit to these spins as well, and it is related to the symbols that are used. The average winning combination becomes both simpler to get and more lucrative when all poker card icons are eliminated and just the highest paying symbols are left on the reels.

3. Design and Theme

The Chinese God of Wealth Caishen served as the model for this real money slot. One of the key symbols, the wild, features the cheery chubby creature, but there are also a few normal symbols that feature pictures of little babies, lotus flowers, hand fans, or musical instruments. 

In addition, there are six card icons that will frequently appear and typically pay less than the others.

Our Conclusion

Although the Grand Jackpot that may be won during the bonus game and the features certainly make this game tempting, we didn’t find the concept to be particularly intriguing. It is your time to enjoy judi slot online Indonesia the Caishens Gold slot free play

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Remember Gulag Review – Display, Features & Experience

remember gulag

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,’ says the opening screen, paraphrasing philosopher George Santayana. Of course, NoLimit City planned and worked on the production of Remember Gulag long before the recent Russia/Ukraine war, but releasing a game like this in these times is still a risky choice. 

As a result, NoLimit City has indicated that a portion of the profits will be donated to Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine, effectively creating online slot history.

Remember Gulag Slot – Display

remember gulag slot

The Gulags were horrific forced-labor camps built on Lenin’s instructions and used largely for political prisoners and other misfits. Their use peaked under Stalin’s iron fist reign. Of course, Stalin is the top-tier emblem, and you’ll find lots of xMechanic characteristics throughout the game. You can earn up to 30,000x your bet in the bonus round, which has three layers with different levels of premium symbol multipliers.

Remember Gulag Slot Features

Between base game spins on Remember Gulag, you can activate or deactivate the Propaganda Bet option, which costs 20% more per spin. This ensures a scatter on reel 2, which unlocks reel 5 once more, thereby making it an ante bet feature that increases your bonus round odds. Saluting Bear, Semenov, Berla, Zhukov, and Stalin are the five premium symbols that pay between 4 and 6 times your stake for six of a kind wins.

xWays Multiplier 

Reels 5 and 6 are locked by default, but they will unlock if you land one or two scatters in view. With all reels open, the grid has 614,656 win ways, and xWays symbols appear on reels 1 and 2 in the base game (reels 5 and 6 in the bonus rounds). These disclose 2 to 3 instances of a randomly picked pay symbol, with the same random symbol appearing across all xWays symbols in view. The xWays multiplier doubles when split by an xSplit Wild.

xNudge Wilds appear on reels 3 and 4 throughout the game, creating a stacked wild that nudges fully into place to cover the reel. Each nudge boosts the wild multiplier by one, and if more than one is part of a win, the multipliers are added together. If an xSplit Wild splits the xNudge Wild, one extra wild is added to the reel.

Regular wilds can occur anywhere in the game, but xSplit Wilds can only appear on reels 5 and 6 in the original game (or reels 1 and 2 in the bonus rounds). Wilds substitute for pay symbols to help complete winning combinations, but xSplit Wilds divide all symbols to the left and/or right, thus creating two symbols instead of one. Scatters, unless they trigger the bonus round, turn into full wild reels when hit by this mechanic. xSplit Wilds break into two pieces and can be split further by other xSplit Wilds.

Bonus Round

When you land 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere in view, the Bonus Round is triggered, and you are awarded Gulag Spins, Gulag Spins: All Aboard or Gulag Spins: Double Vodka, as the case may be. All reels are unlocked, and there is a pre-feature setup spin that determines your number of free spins as well as the win multiplier of the four top-tier premium symbols.

Only one premium symbol is improved with a multiplier in the most basic Gulag Spins feature, however all four are upgraded in the two higher tier bonus rounds. In the Double Vodka feature, the multipliers are twice, and a character symbol reel on top of the grid can raise the premium symbol multipliers at random as the extra round progresses.

Gulag Spins

In Gulag Spins, it can boost the multiplier by +1 or +2, or double the value. The multiplier in Double Vodka can increase by +2 or +4 in addition to being doubled. Scatters will give you an extra spin if you collect three of them, and three scatters will advance you to the next bonus round tier.

Bonus Buy Spins

In some jurisdictions, the Bonus Buy menu is available, but not in the United Kingdom. Gulag Spins has an organic hit rate of 1 in 211 spins, and it will be promoted to the top-tier bonus 1 in 27 times. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Gulag Spins will cost you 78 times your bet (RTP of 96.56% ).
  • Gulag: All Aboard spins will cost you 270 times your stake (RTP of 96.82% ).
  • Gulag: Double Vodka spins will cost you 486 times your stake (RTP of 96.94 % ).
  • Pay 198x your stake for one of the three randomly given options above (RTP of 96.83 % ).

The 200 Spins Remember Gulag Slot Experience

You’ll witness some base game action before the remember Gulag Spins feature is triggered around the 1-minute mark. After that, we buy the Double Vodka feature, which begins around 3 minutes into the 6:17-minute highlights film. By pressing the play button below, you may witness for yourself how we fared in the gulag.

Summary Of The Remember Gulang Slot Review

remember gulag slot review

Only a slot on the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Holocaust could surpass Remember Gulag in terms of controversy. Even NoLimit City might not have the guts to get there, and one installment with this much emotional baggage might be enough. It’s not often that an online slot makes a political statement in response to recent events, thus NoLimit City is forging new ground in more ways than one with this call to remember previous horrors.


The mood is grim to say the least, but the main tale contains aspects of humor, which is a welcome relief from the theme’s weight. You get all of the classic xMechanic features, but the bonus round isn’t quite as hectic and insane as it was in Mental. Large winnings can happen out of nowhere, and at best, you can win up to 30,000 times your stake. It’s another solid release, but we’d like to see something a little lighter from this creator every now and then.

Today, remember gulag is only available on several online betting sites, you can find and exlplore in Google through simple keywords such as kumpulan situs judi slot terpercaya, Gulag slots, online slot remember gulag, etc.

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Sherlock of London Slot Review: RTP 96.03% (Rabcat)

Sherlock of London Slot Review

Are you looking for the Sherlock of London slot review? If you browse through Microgaming’s selection of slot machines, you’ll notice that some of the best games available are produced by studios they work with; this game is a perfect example of this. It was created by Rabcat and is only available at casinos that use Microgaming software.

Summary of Sherlock of London Slot Review

Sherlock of London Slot Review

In this instance, 5 reels are spinning while 25 active lines are being wagered on. The slot’s RTP is an average 96.03%, and its greater prizes can total up to 1,000 times the total bet through normal combos (2,000x if the Double Win feature kicks in at the right time). 

Regarding the newly added features, the game utilizes wilds in a variety of significant ways, including as standard wilds, Connecting Wilds, expanding wilds, or as a trigger for Double Win spins. The game’s features also include free spins.

1. Wagering Options

You have the opportunity to change how much money is allocated to each line by using the bet options, which are displayed at the bottom. Only the Stake is adjustable; the lines remain set at 25. The total bet changes as the stake increases from $0.01 to $2, going from $0.25 to $50.

The maximum major prize offered by Sherlock of London is $2,000 per line, or $50,000 overall, with a potential to win up to $100,000 if a Double Win spin takes place during that round. 

This means that the maximum reward is 2,000 times the total bet, which is a value that is suitable for the majority of slots. In this instance, it’s paired with a 96.03% RTP, which is a respectable but not outstanding figure.

2. Game Features

Your wild is the Sherlock symbol, one of two that will complete combos and award the slot’s large jackpots. The scatter is the only symbol that the wild cannot replace, as you might expect.

Every time there are two or more wild symbols on the reels, the Connecting Wilds feature is activated. All of these wilds will be connected, turning any symbols that are found between them into more wilds.

A Double Win feature ultimately results in a 2x multiplier being applied to the wins on a spin. To prevent activating Connecting Wilds and getting more wilds than necessary, just two wilds must show up on the reels, and they must also be adjacent to one another. 

It’s a rare feature, but when you do acquire it, it will double all of your wins from that round, making it worthwhile.

If a single wild symbol appears on one of the first two reels, bonus spins may be awarded. Then, with the wild sticky, you are given either 1 or 2 bonus spins in an effort to obtain either a Double Win or a Connecting Wilds feature to trigger.

The scatter, which you utilize to start 10 free spins, will feature both Sherlock and Watson. There are more wilds (Dr. Watson) and a chance to start expanding wilds.

3. Theme and Design

The show Sherlock of London will tell a tale about the greatest detective in history and contain some of the best visuals we’ve ever seen for this theme.

The reels have symbols for the major characters, a 221b Baker Street sign, Moriarty, many other characters, and exceptionally well-crafted Royals. The graphics are deserving of a slot machine created by Rabcat.

Final Words

In conclusion of Sherlock of London slot review, the game should be enjoyable for a player who appreciates a good murder mystery due to its intriguing feature mix, respectable payouts, and beautiful graphics. Visit situs slot gacor 2022 terpercaya for definitive results.

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Magnetz Slot Review: RTP 96.66% (Relax Gaming)

Magnetz Slot Review

Are you looking for the Magnetz slot review? With some interesting features and a cluster payout system, the brand-new Relax Gaming slot machine Magnetz is an option that combines high volatility with an above average RTP. 

Its design employs an almost futuristic style and mostly uses icons of various shapes as symbols, but other than that, it doesn’t appear to have a very distinct theme.

Best of Magnetz Slot Review

With up to 12 symbols per region and four sets of 3×4 reels, you have four ways to win. However, you can combine them into a larger playing area, and at that point, if wild multipliers activate at the appropriate time, clusters of 20 or more symbols might result in wins of 1,000 times the stake. 

Some of the intriguing possibilities that are included among its features are wilds with random multipliers, free spins, the Flux Respin and the Magnetic Merge bonuses. We believe there is more than enough engaging content in the Magnetz slot game if the RTP of 96.66% is taken into account.

1. Betting and Prizes

You’re left with a total bet that will be chosen based on your demands as there isn’t really a line bet to speak of. The smallest stake that may be placed is $0.10, and the largest is $50.

When you use the larger game area and have at least 20 symbols in a combo, the game’s strong volatility causes the wins to typically be fairly low, paying up to 1x for the smaller clusters of 5 symbols. 

In the game’s peak moments, you can expect wins of up to 1,000x when the random wild multiplier of up to 5x is added. If many multipliers work together simultaneously, the results could be much better. There is currently no information available on the game’s upper limit.

Even while the game’s maximum payouts don’t seem all that exciting, especially given its higher volatility, its RTP of 96.66% does appear to be respectable.

2. Slot Features

Four smaller grids of 3×4 reels are used at first, allowing clusters of up to 12 symbols to emerge. To be compensated, you must have at least five matching symbols. Once you reach the free spins, the game area can enlarge to include all four game zones, and you can then earn clusters of up to 20+ symbols that pay much greater.

During the game’s spins, wilds with arbitrary multipliers—up to 5x—will be accessible. If they are present next to them and can be included, you utilize these symbols as replacements in those new clusters. The multiplier numbers are multiplied together when there are numerous wilds in a single cluster.

The game will award you five free spins if the bonus symbols, which must appear five times in view, do so. Then, with two large gaming areas and nine reels in each, you can simultaneously create two substantial clusters.

Here, there are also Flux Respins, which are based on the two columns from the middle of the playing field that divide the two sides. 

You will either receive a Flux Respin or not based on the symbols displayed there and selected at random. You need the symbols from those columns to line up with the generated winning clusters for this to happen.

If two magnets of the same type are placed next to one another, a feature called Magnetic Merge will activate. The grids are then combined in the game, making it simpler to activate the Flux Respin.

3. Theme and Design

Although it doesn’t have a very distinct theme and doesn’t have the conventional appearance of a slot machine, the design is nonetheless fantastic. 

The symbols that were chosen include standard forms as well as bonus icons, wilds, and a variety of other shapes. There are stars, a hexagon, a diamond, a moon, a triangle, and a circle among them.

Our Conclusion

We can see veterans wanting to try out this game. Given its unique rules and high volatility, it differs significantly from the usual slot machine and seems like something an experienced player might want to try. 

Although we are unsure of the current state of the top jackpot, we did like the 96.66% RTP that has been announced for it. Finally, those are situs judi slot online terbaik thoughts on Magnetz slot review

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Dragon vs Phoenix Slot Review: RTP 95.06% (Tom Horn)

Dragon vs Phoenix Slot Review

Are you looking for the Dragon vs Phoenix slot review? This game is a slot machine dedicated to the Dragon and the Phoenix bird, two of the good creatures mentioned in Chinese legends, will be released soon by Tom Horn Gaming. 

The graphics are fantastic, the features appear to be cutting-edge, and the payouts are also fantastic. Overall, it receives high marks, though it does have some drawbacks.

Summary of Dragon vs Phoenix Slot Review

You’ll be able to play on four reels with a total of 16 paylines. Even though the volatility is only medium, those who are extremely lucky can win up to 5,684 times their stake. 

The RTP range is its biggest flaw, as it only goes up to 95.06%. Play with the Dragon or the Phoenix as the wild (expanding vs. mega wild), scatters, and free spins.

1. Betting Range

Despite the fact that the Dragon vs Phoenix slot has only 16 active lines, you must wager at least $0.50 on each spin. However, the upper limit is standard, allowing bets of up to $100.

There are a few things about this slot machine that we adore, and the top jackpot is definitely one of them. A prize of up to 5,684x the stake will be awarded, though few players will ever win that much. The payouts appear to be reasonable because the volatility is moderate.

There are two RTP values available, the higher of which is 95.06%. The returns mentioned here are disappointing when compared to the 96 percent that we want to see as a minimum.

2. Game Features

As soon as the game begins, you must choose which of the two creatures you want to appear on the reels. This is done from the top, with the dragon appearing above reel 1 and the phoenix appearing on the fourth reel.

  • The Dragon Expanding Wild can appear on the first or fourth reels, where it will expand and take over the entire reel. This is only a substitute for regular symbols.
  • The Phoenix Mega Wild feature begins when a Phoenix appears on the second or third reel. It then expands and takes over 2×2 positions, giving you four wilds on the middle two reels at once.

The free spins are triggered when three or more scatter symbols (firecrackers) appear on the screen. The Dragon Wild and the Phoenix Wild are both active during the next 5-7 free spins. There’s no way to get more free spins; you’re stuck with the ones you already have.

3. Theme and Design

Dragon vs Phoenix will pit the two legendary creatures against each other, taking inspiration from East Asia. 

In Dragon vs Phoenix, use their abilities against them and claim the features they bring to the table to win big. Expect to see Chinese influence in the design, but also expect to see excellent graphics.

Unfortunately, some of the symbols inside, such as the gemstones in yellow, green, blue, pink, or red, aren’t particularly impressive. Paper lanterns, gold coins, helmets, scrolls, potion bottles, and pictures of the Dragon Wild and Phoenix Wild are among the more entertaining icons.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Dragon vs Phoenix slot review, the game appears to be a compelling game, but it is not without flaws. It could be a fun slot machine if you can get past the low RTP, find more at coloksgp.

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Vegas Lux Slot Review: Medium Volatility (RTG)

Vegas Lux Slot Review

If you are wondering about the Vegas Lux slot review, you can learn it here. The city of Las Vegas has proven to be a great source of inspiration for slot makers on numerous occasions. 

This game is a new slot from Realtime Gaming that transports us to the Las Vegas Strip. With this one, they strive to convey a sense of luxury, and we’d say they succeed in borrowing something from the City of Sin.

A Brief of Vegas Lux Slot Review

Vegas Lux offers five reels and 720 ways to win, making it quite simple to build winning combinations. The biggest jackpot, on the other hand, is only worth 1,320 times the stake. It’s a slot machine with the standard wilds and scatters, as well as the ability to generate free spins, which is a solid mix but not very rare these days.

1. Betting Options

Fortunately, we don’t need to expend that many coins for each round in a game with 720 different ways to win. The spins will start once you choose a stake between $0.50 and $25. Each virtual betting line appears to accept bets up to $0.50.

Vegas Lux offers rewards that are consistent with what you’d anticipate from a medium-volatility slot machine. If the biggest wager was chosen, it might win up to $33,000 in cash, or 1,320 times the initial stake. Not a lot, but depending on how unpredictable the game is, it can be sufficient to justify your time and money.

2. Game Features

The Wild is one of the primary aspects for Vegas Lux that will normally cause more for you, according to our research. Even while these substitutions can only appear on the middle three reels, they can nevertheless help form a variety of combos from there. 

It’s not that difficult, considering the slot offers 720 possibilities to win and the fact that being on the appropriate reel is enough to get you rewarded regardless of your exact location.

When three to five diamond scatters appear anywhere on the reels, they will act as a trigger for some respectable payouts that will be made right away. The three levels of its awards are 2X, 10x, and 50x, respectively, for 3, 4, or 5 Diamonds in view.

Getting the Free Games icons to occur five times on the same number of reels in the base game will award you with eight free spins. 

When numerous scatters appear on the same reel, many winning combinations can occur, allowing you to win multiples of the eight rounds. If more scatters appear, the feature can be reactivated; the maximum number of rounds is set at 240.

3. Design and Theme

Once more, the action in a slot machine is happening in the city of Las Vegas. While the reels take on a unique shape with 3-4-5-4-3 symbols on its 5 reels, you will witness its sparkling lights and lovely casinos in the background image. 

It will display a number of classic symbols, which isn’t particularly intriguing, but the design quality is rather high. These include the Cherries, the Wild Sign, the Diamond scatter, the Free Games logo, the Triple 7s, the Gambler, the Showgirl, and the icons for the four card suits.

Our Conclusion

Without enormous maximum rewards and a rather standard mix of features, this game could work out as a game that casual players will want to get into. Overall of X33 results about Vegas Lux slot review, the free spins appear to have a lot of potential, especially if you can get them to occur on a few of the reels many times.

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Smoking Gun Slot Review: RTP 94.93% (Rival Gaming)

Smoking Gun Slot Review

Are you looking for the Smoking Gun slot review? This game is a video slot from Rival Gaming that uses stunning graphics to depict a classic Wild West tale. 

It’s the kind of game that, because it’s so much fun for players, especially when the graphics work well together, its lack of originality in theme choosing can be overlooked. Smoking Gun is unquestionably an example.

Best of Smoking Gun Slot Review

Smoking Gun Slot Review

In the offered gameplay setting, you can choose up to 50 active lines from the slot’s 5 reels. The jackpot on the line is worth 2,000 times the bet and can only be converted into a maximum of $250,000 in cash. 

The game has several drawbacks, like an RTP of 94.93%, but it also has some exciting elements, like expanding wilds, scatters, and free spins with awesome extras. Luck playing only in situs judi slot online terbaik.

1. Wagering Options

We like that you have total control over every decision when selecting the wager on this slot. You can even choose the amount of lines, with options ranging from 1 to 50 accessible. 

The other options allow for up to 10 coins per line with coin values ranging from $0.01 to $0.25. This provides you with a line bet that can be used up to $2.50 and a maximum of $125.

Look for the Bottle symbol, which pays 2,000 times the line bet for a full combo to win the game’s rewards. You can win 2,000 times your initial wager if the entire screen is covered with these and expanding wilds. This might result in a top jackpot of $250,000.

The 94.93% RTP that the developer mentioned for Smoking Gun is the only thing that is a drawback, at least for me. It’s a subpar figure and the one real negative feature of the game in my opinion.

2. Slot Features

The Sheriff emblem, your expanding wild, will be one of the key elements. Whenever possible, it will take the place of another symbol to help create new winning combinations. If a fresh win occurs as a result, these symbols enlarge and take up the entire reel. Only scatters are exempt from the assistance of the wild.

Oust The Outlaw is the name of the free spins bonus. Wanted Posters, a scatter that must land three or more times in a round, act as the trigger. There are three variations of the free spins, each with ten rounds and a distinct set of extras.

Exploding sticky wilds are a feature of some free spins that will start additional spins when they contribute to winning combinations. 

One more offers you Ricochet Drop Icons, where three or more symbols cause a feature that causes the symbols to vanish and the icons from the top to descend to fill the empty spaces. Galloping Expanding Wilds is the final feature in the third version.

3. Theme and Design

You are listening to a traditional Wild West tale in which an elderly sheriff battles a bad guy. Its primary symbols include saloon girls, cowboys, and a variety of firearms, dynamite sticks, horses, alcohol, hats, and horseshoes. The secondary ones receive steel card suits that are transformed into branding hot irons.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of the Smoking Gun slot review, in our opinion, has a number of advantages, making it a solid choice for gamers who value attractive visuals. We would point out a poor RTP as a significant drawback.

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Ultra Joker Demo Review: RTP 95.86% (Stakelogic)

Ultra Joker Demo Review

Do you want to play the Ultra Joker demo? Stakelogic has created an intriguing gaming experience with this game by combining current and retro elements. 

The RTP of the game is 95.86%, and it has three reels and three rows of symbols. In Ultra Joker, there are five different ways to win. Wilds, a gamble, multipliers, and a Win Repeater feature are among the game’s other features.

A Review of Ultra Joker Demo

Ultra Joker Demo

Source from Gaswin site, this title’s betting range is set between $0.01 and $50. To win prizes, you must match symbols, and the maximum number of symbols you can match is three. However, there are some unique symbols in the mix, as well as a multiplier, which means you’ll be able to increase your winnings.


  • Slot was praised for his abilities.
  • In the Ultra Joker, a beginning stake of €/$0.01 each spin is a good place to start.
  • 5 paylines on a classic slot machine


  • RTP rate is lower than the national average: 95.86%.
  • This game’s maximum wager value is €/$ 50.

1. Slot Features

The icons on the reels will transport you back to the good old days of slot machines, since this is a classic title with current aesthetics. In other words, cherries, Bar symbols, oranges, plums, stars, and X symbols will adorn the reels.

The Joker is the game’s Wild symbol, and when it occurs on the reels, it will offer you joy just like any other joker. Because it substitutes for the symbols on the reels and applies the Joker multiplier, it can help you form a better winning combo

This multiplier is unique in that it grows by one for every lost spin. You gain the full multiplier when you get a winning combo that includes the Joker Wild, and the Joker multiplier is reset to one following the win.

You’ll activate the Win Repeater function if you manage to land a full window of similar symbols. A wheel with a win repeat chance and a collect chance will appear. If you land in the Win part, you’ll get the Win Repeat, and if you land in the Collect portion, you’ll get the entire value of the symbols.

A gamble feature is also accessible, as previously noted. You can try to guess the card color and suit, which will double or quadruple your prizes if you get it right. A mistake, on the other hand, will lose you your winnings.

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2, Theme and Design

The reel window occupies the majority of the screen. To the right of the reels, you’ll find the spin option, as well as other player settings. Game choices are also shown to the left of the reels. Aside from that, you’ll like the game’s upbeat music. Furthermore, this is a slot that can be played on mobile devices.

Our Conclusion

To sum up everything, the game is a new slot game that has a lot of potential. It has a nice range of functions and has decent graphics. The base game is made more fascinating with the Wild and multipliers, as well as the Win Repeat and Gamble features. Now, you can try the Ultra Joker demo

Find a variety of interesting online game reviews that you can play only at MajesticStar.

Nitro Circus Slot Review: RTP 96.2% (Yggdrasil)

Nitro Circus Slot Review

We are pretty confident that you must be interested with our Nitro Circus slot review. For them, Yggdrasil Gaming is releasing a brand new type of slot machine, a branded release created in collaboration with this game. 

It’s a truly American experience involving daredevils, motorcycles, and extreme sports in a one-of-a-kind show. It’s now also available as a slot machine, with Yggdrasil planning a November release for their new game.

Summary of Nitro Circus Slot Review

It’ll be an entertaining game, with many of the Nitro Circus performers serving as symbols, and they’ll have a chance to make you rich on the 5 reels and 25 paylines available. The game will introduce a number of new features, such as scattered Nitro Bombs, wilds, and the Nitro Jump bonus with all of its extras.

1. Betting and Winnings

The betting options, which can be found at the bottom, will only allow you to select the coin value. You get 25 fixed lines, so you’ll need to wager 25 coins as well. 

The value of the coin, on the other hand, will be adjusted by the player as needed, ranging from $0.01 to $5. This gives you a wager range of $0.25 to $250. With several interesting features to discover and a 96.2% RTP, the game appears to be both entertaining and potentially profitable.

2. Game Features

This is an area where the game shines, with a wide range of options. The wild feature is the first one I’d mention, as it’s the most common option in many slot machines. Because you’ll use it to make more winning combinations, it contributes to the above-average RTP.

The Nitro Free Spins feature, as well as the Nitro Blast feature, which has 1 to 3 feature picks, are activated by landing at least three Nitro Bombs inside the game. Depending on how many symbols triggered the feature, you’ll receive 10 to 30 symbols and 1-3 feature picks.

The Nitro Blast Minigame can also be obtained with two Nitro Bombs. To find a prize, you must choose one of the five bombs on the screen. A round of 10 to 30 free spins, an additional vehicle for the player’s collection, a Nitro Wild feature (2 to 9 wilds at random), a multiplier for free spins, or more free spins could all be included.

Another outstanding feature is Nitro Jump, which is triggered when you collect five matching vehicles. Another method is to use the NITRO letters, which appear on all five reels at once. 

Three stunt jumps and one Boost Jump are included in this feature. The judges will score you and award you prizes for each trick you perform. Speed boosts can be used to improve the final Boost Jump, but you risk losing all multipliers.

3. Theme and Design

Although not everyone enjoys Nitro Circus or that type of entertainment, we expect the game to be extremely popular in the United States, at least among those who can play it online. 

Yggdrasil appears to be going all out for this slot machine, even creating an entirely new website for it, complete with a countdown to launch.

The graphics are based on Nitro Circus daredevils, with real photos of them used on the reels. Bike helmets also get a few other spots, including the letters NITRO and Nitro Bombs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of Nitro Circus slot review, as their first ever branded slot and a title into which they’re putting a lot of effort, this prediksi togel slot game has every chance of becoming a memorable Yggdrasil Gaming release.

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Mystery of Longwei Slot Review: RTP 96.8% (iSoftBet)

Mystery of Longwei Slot Review

Are you searching for the Mystery of Longwei slot review? This game has a title based on the Silk Road and featuring graphics that are decidedly Chinese at their core, continues the Asian inspiration that we see in so many slot machines these days.

The design isn’t the most complex you’ll find in a game like this, but the features certainly fit that description. iSoftBet is the publisher of the slot gacor hari ini game.

Best of Mystery of Longwei Slot Review

This slot machine features 40 active lines on which the player can form combinations, all of which are spread across 5 reels. 

There are plenty of exciting features to take advantage of in it, including free spins, re-spins, colossal symbols, and wilds, so you’ll be happy with the outcome. Each of the prizes will be worth $1,000.

1. Betting Options

Games like these are simple to play because the number of lines is directly proportional to the amount of money you can wager and the number of coins you can use. 

All you have to do now is choose a total value for the bet, which will be between $0.40 and $40 in this case. You can pay as little as $0.01 per line or as much as $1 per line, depending on your preference.

Moving on to the rewards that are earned in exchange for the best combos that the slot has to offer, there is one that is worth 1,000 times the line bet and is won when the Flaming Phoenix Bird forms a combination. 

You may not be pleased with a 1,000x payout, but during the free spins, the slot transforms high-paying symbols into colossal icons that take over three reels at a time, allowing you to win big on multiple lines.

2. Game Features

The wild is the most basic feature you’ll come across in Mystery of Longwei; it’s a symbol that you’ll use only as a replacement for other symbols, not as a reward in and of itself. It’s still a very useful symbol to have because it’s multifunctional and can be used in any combo, from the simplest to the most complex.

Two more bonus features have been added. If you get the required triggering scatters, which are between 3 and 5, you will be awarded 10, 20, or 30 free spins. For this feature, all high-paying symbols are transformed into colossal icons and appear on reels 2 through 5.

Dragon Colossal Re-Spins is the second feature. If a dragon symbol appears on the first reel, the other four reels will be covered in colossal symbols and will begin spinning. The mystery symbols will be revealed by the dragon from the first reel. 

The dragon icon moves down one space after each respin. You’ll keep getting respins as long as a piece of the dragon is visible.

3. Design and Theme

Mystery of LongWei, a slot machine that moves to the Silk Road, which connected China to Europe and was a big asset to this country, has a Chinese theme once again. 

The design is classic Chinese, with playing cards, pandas, lotus flowers, koi carp, and vases among the symbols. The Dragon and the Flaming Phoenix are two of the more intriguing characters.

Final Words

Overall of this Mystery of Longwei slot review, it’s not a bad game, but the features, rather than the theme or graphics, piqued my interest.

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