Homeostasis, Adaptation and How an Effective HVAC System Works

It isn’t popular knowledge that most concepts regarding HVAC systems are similar to the heating and cooling systems of the human body. Though the concepts involved aren’t universal, how they’re created can weirdly tell us how an efficient system works and delivers. Some parallelisms between HVAC systems and how our bodies do it as we cope with the heating and air Atlanta has can be seen in various ways.

Before we proceed further, let’s define the term homeostasis. It generally means a state of balance and harmony within an organism, a system, or an ecosystem, between its parts and units. Now that’s done, here are some interesting parallelisms.

Cooling and what it does

Naturally, the pores of our skin constrict in the presence of colder temperatures to conserve heat and prevent our body from dangerously being too cold. This is one of the reasons why while you don’t sweat in the cold, you end up urinating instead — the drainage system adapts. In a system designed for workplaces such HVAC system Atlanta GA technicians design, ventilation is considered like our pores. They need not be totally closed but rather limited. It is common practice to keep windows closed and let the system regulate the airflow in a given space.

Heating it up just right

On the opposite side, when your surroundings are generally hotter, your pores relax and allow more sweat to go through. Along with more liquid out in the open (surface sweat), comes for evaporation, thus, moisture, that needs ventilation and dehumidification to manage, such as whatcommercial air conditioner Atlanta GA manufacturers consider.

Imagine closing all your windows and ventilation outlets while putting a pot of water on a full boil. All that steam and moisture ought to make things very humid and uncomfortable, giving the sticky feel that brings discomfort within your clothes.

What does homeostasis and adaptation have to do with this exactly?

Adaptation is generally a function for the body to achieve homeostasis and relieve stress. The more you need to adapt, the more pre-occupied you become as in needing a fan for the heat, a coat for the cold, and the like as it blends with your bodily reactions. With the heating and air Atlantahas, there’s a lot of adapting to do and in the workplace it is preventable.

What if instead of leaving too much adaptive stress on ourselves with the heating and air Atlanta has, we rely on effective HVAC systems and maintain it? Is there a break or blockage in the ventilation, a dysfunctional unit, perhaps? While we need physicians for our bodily heating and cooling issues, our commercial units need trained technicians such as the best HVAC repair in Atlanta GA services.

Minimize the strain of needless adapting and let your HVAC system do the work

NATE accredited technicians HVAC services like Moncrief Heat and Air Conditioning hire can design, maintain, repair and evaluate your commercial HVAC system so adapting for a comfortable balanced homeostatic state wouldn’t be such a strain — let alone a hindrance to your productivity. You can check their website at

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