Improving your House Space: Creating More Living Areas with Granny Flats

As the years go by, the needs of a family in terms of space also evolve. From a family of husband and wife, young ones soon troop in and all of the sudden, your current house space is not enough anymore! A granny flat Auckland dealers sell today may come in handy for such circumstances. What’s more, you can find units that are prefabricated and customized already so they are ready for occupation! What this implies is that your granny flat is built off-site and simply brought over for installation. With a home that is already occupied, having builders on-site may not be a convenient option and these granny flats come in handy! Moreover, with the technology that is used to create them, a pre-built unit translates into a cheap granny flat Auckland offers.

Considerations to guide the design of your granny flat Much as the granny flat Auckland has will be built at a different location, you still have much influence over its design. Below are a few factors that ought to guide the design you end up with:

1. The Use of the Granny Flat

Will the additional space be a detached residence of your aging parents or the college-age kids? Or perhaps you have extra room in your backyard and have figured that a bit of rental income can be generated from it? Well, regardless of your reasons for seeking a granny flat in Auckland, remember that its cost-effectiveness will greatly be determined by the functionality its users enjoy!

2. Local Government Regulations

This is bound to be an additional unit in your home and as such, the local council must certainly have by-laws or regulations that guide its erection. Be sure to know how such policies may influence the end product before you get started on the project.

3. Identify any Applicable Hidden Costs that may come to play

A loose quotation of the cost of an Auckland granny flat is bound to leave out such elements as wiring and electricity as well as plumbing. In the end, these are aspects that will certainly push up your expenditure in a manner that cannot be ignored. Therefore, even as you are working out a budget, be sure to identify as many of these unobvious costs as may be possible; this could impact on the final design you choose.

4. Outdoor Aesthetics of the Flat

Since it is going to be part of your home, you cannot ignore the need for a nice, outward ambiance. While the construction of a granny flat Auckland has may be guided largely by its function, the outward design is a crucial aspect as well. Consider marrying its design to that of the main house without going over the top! This simply means infusing a design element or two from the main house into the granny flat for a bit of harmony.

Manor Build is a company that helps you pre-fabricate granny flats in Auckland for the additional room you need. At, you will learn more about the professionalism of its builders and the wide range of granny-flat options available to you!

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