Top 5 Poker Movies

Top 5 Poker Movies – In which poker films do sharks swim with fish? We’ve looked at five classic poker films to help you decide which one to watch this weekend.

Poker movies are either all-in or all-out, hit or miss. Depending on your viewpoint and the box office earnings, they might be wonderful or dreadful. Poker players and moviegoers typically have different goals in mind, but when it all comes together, poker movies are among the greatest.

Top 5 Poker Movies

We’ve put up a list of five outstanding poker movies that you should watch before deciding which Result SGP site to deposit your money on.

 Rounders (1998)

Top 5 Poker Movies

“You are the sucker if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table.”

Rounders, which ranks among the best work of both Matt Damon and Ed Norton’s illustrious careers in Hollywood, was released to little notice in 1998. Today, 23 years later, the film is still regarded as the best depiction of poker ever depicted on film.

If you read our review of Kevin Canty’s book for the film, you’ll know that Mike McDermott had a backstory, but many spectators were satisfied with the film’s resolution after the stunning ending against John Malkovich’s nasty baddie, Teddy KGB.

Rounders and its unique characters will be remembered as the best poker picture ever made in 50 years. We’ll all wish Teddy, Mike, and Worm could return because we had so much fun with them at the felt all those years ago.

The Sting (1973)

Top 5 Poker Movies

This stone-cold classic became a blockbuster hit practically instantly, eight years after Steve McQueen lit up the silver screen. The Sting cost just over five million dollars to make and grossed 30 times as much at the box office, winning seven Oscars.

The film stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman as two lovable rogues who carry out a fraud and then sit back and watch the money roll in. Our only complaint is that the movie could have been a half-hour longer with a bigger con and still been just as good.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

Top 5 Poker Movies

Throughout his storied career, Steve McQueen was known for a variety of film roles, but our favorite has always been his performance as The Cincinnati Kid in 1965.

McQueen’s character, Eric ‘The Kid’ Stoner (yes, really), is a young, inexperienced poker player who takes on the ultimate bosses of his era, similar to the plot of The Hustler, a pool-based picture that came out four years earlier.

Taking on Lancey ‘The Man’ Howard, the title’s Cincinnati Kid comes to popularity and triumphs. What’s not to appreciate about that?

Maverick (1994)

Top 5 Poker Movies

Maverick is a highly pleasant 1990s romp through western poker starring Mel Gibson in his heyday, despite not being one of the most serious poker movies. Maverick, which also stars Jodie Foster and James Garner, could almost be a straight-up scam movie if it weren’t for the fact that it goes for laughs at every turn of the card.

The plot rattles along like a turn-of-the-century steam train, almost trebling to a budget of $75 million in box office revenue, a massive achievement at the time. Gibson is in fantastic form, delivering good lines with great timing, and the plot rattles along like a turn-of-the-century steam train, almost trebling to a budget of $75 million in box office revenue, a massive achievement at the time. Richard Donner, who also directed Gibson in Lethal Weapon, has a track record of drawing the best out of him.

Mississippi Grind (2015)

Top 5 Poker Movies

It should come as no surprise that the first entry on our list is a live poker masterclass. As proven by films like Runner, Runner, internet poker rarely works in cinema, yet anyone considering filming an online poker film could do worse than following the amazing experiences enjoyed during the first year of the Super MILLION$ on GGPoker.

Mississippi Grind is a film starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn about a dubious couple who hit the road in pursuit of a winning score to pay off their severe debts.

It’s an outstanding film for some reasons, not least because Mendelsohn is totally convincing as his pathetic-yet-lovable character Gerry.


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