What is Mega Ball Online Game

What is Mega Ball Online Game

Mega Ball is a live casino game. This game works a bit like an online slot, but it also resembles a game of Bingo or Keno. Mega Ball is presented by a dealer that you can watch live. Mega Ball online game is very exciting due to the large amounts you can win. With a bit of luck you can win up to 1 million times your total stake. It is a unique game with a fast rhythm. 

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How to Play Mega Ball Online Game

You start by buying a card to participate in the draw. You can buy a maximum of 200 cards per game. Each card features 25 unique numbers. There are 5×5 squares on the cards and the middle square is free. 

The prizes you can win depend on how much you bet on each card. You can set the value of each card yourself. That way you can decide for yourself how much each card costs. This can range from 0.10 to 100 euro.

Once you have your cards, you have to wait for the draw to take place. A lottery machine with 51 numbered balls will randomly select 20 balls. If a ball matches a number on your cards, it will be automatically marked and updated. 

Object of Mega Ball Online Game

The object of mega ball online game is to form lines on your card. The more lines you make, the bigger your prize. A winning line can be formed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You can form up to 12 winning lines per card, but the chances of this happening are pretty slim.

If the last ball is drawn, a random multiplier between 5x and 100x is generated. The multipliers are shown in different colors. If the Mega Ball completes one of your lines, your prize will increase even further. In rare cases, a second Mega Ball is drawn. This gives you another chance to win a large multiple win.

It is quite difficult to keep track of multiple cards, also because the pace of the game is quite high. 

Mega Ball Online Game vs Online Slots

You will see the dealer next to the ball machine on your screen. At the bottom of the screen you will see different paylines. After each round, balls are drawn from the machine. The paylines are then matched to the drawn balls. 

You can bet by drawing cards, almost like you would spin the reels in a regular online slot machine. With slots you set the value of a payline and with Mega Ball you set the value of the cards.

The difference with online slots is that you cannot activate any bonus features at Mega Ball. This is because it is managed by real people in a studio. So the results depend on the number of cards you pick, how much you bet and which balls are drawn from the machine.

One of the great advantages of Mega Ball online game is that there are no random features that can fall out of the sky at any time, but large multipliers are applied. The biggest multiplier is 100,000 times your stake. This is a lot higher than the multipliers you encounter with online slots.


The following payouts apply to Mega Ball online game are:

  • 1 full line: 1x to 100x your bet
  • 2 full lines: 5x to 500x your stake
  • 3 full lines: 50x to 5,000x your stake
  • 4 full lines: 250x to 25,000x your stake
  • 5 full lines: 1,000x to 10,000x your stake
  • 6 or more full lines: 10,000x to 100,000x your stake

For example, if you bet 2 euro on a card and you complete 3 full lines with a Mega Ball, you will get a multiplier of 10x. You win 2 euro x 50 (the payout of 3 lines) x 10 (the multiplier) = 1,000 euro.

Mega Ball Online Game : Strategies and Tips

Is there a certain strategy you can apply or is it just a matter of getting lucky and hoping the right balls fall? Yes and no. Of course you have to be lucky if you want to make big profits. This applies to the balls that must fall as well as to the multiplier.

However, you can also apply some strategies. For example, buy only one card instead of several cards. The RTP (Return to Player) is the highest if you only buy one card: 95.40%.

If you buy multiple cards, the RTP drops to 95.05%. That’s a pretty big difference. If the RTP falls, the house edge increases. Every casino game has a built-in house edge. The greater the house edge, the less the player gets paid.

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