Why Mid-century Modern Beach Houses are Golden

If you just transferred to a coastal city in Australia, you may have noticed similar designs on beach houses. Most have glass balustrades Gold Coast homeowners love to have in their homes. But have you noticed others that stood out—houses that looked like an amalgam of the past and the future? Maybe they were mid-century modern beach houses.


Glass Balustrades Gold Coast


Timeless, classic, quaint—that’s how fanatics describe the mid-century modern design. How about applying it on Australian beach houses? Golden.

What is Mid-century Modern, exactly?

Mid-century modern is a design trend that originated from the 1930s and ceased after the 1960s. History says the modernist design movement was spearheaded by the likes of Bauhaus and Le Corbusier. The term, however, was only coined by Cara Greenberg in her 1983 book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. Since then, it immediately blew up in the design community. Until now, interior designers, architects, and homeowners all over incorporate the design approach.

Furthermore, mid-century modern also made huge waves because the two world wars also happened in the same timeframe. Although they put humanity in strain, it also opened opportunities and developments because of migration. Demand for modern furniture for newly built modern homes reflected the masses’ intention to move on and forget. Hence mid-century modern prevailed—collectively, it’s a symbol of a new beginning and overcoming the has-beens.

Why is it obsessed over, though? It’s the same thing why Sushi is such a hit in the cluttered paradigm of the Western world—mid-century modern is simple, yet straightforward. It’s no-nonsense in its approach—clean geometric lines, functional features, and on-point. Simply put, it’s a design for everyone.

Design Overlaps

With the constant population shifts to Australia’s coastal cities, more people are also becoming innovative with homes. The demand for quality but practical homes and furniture is going nowhere but up. Of course, mid-century modern also reached the shores already. The principles of beach house designing overlap with mid-century modern—and they mix well, unsurprisingly. Even the modern glass balustrades Gold Coast homeowners have these days are overlapping with the mid-century modern ideology.

Why does mid-century modern work perfectly on beach houses? The “form follows function” but innovative mid-century modern design perfectly coordinates with the minimalistic nature of beach houses. A case in point: the glass balustrades Gold Coast interior designers put on beach houses give an overlooking view of the ocean. Mid-century modern furniture complements the stellar view with a functional James Eames lounging air. The set just goes so well together.

How to make your beach house mid-century modern

Are you planning to build a coastal home or just planning for a retrofit? You can:

Start collecting art pieces

You don’t have to buy expensive pieces for a quick mid-century modern vibe. It can be anything—a geometrically shaped wallpaper, small biomorphic sculptures, or minimalistic paintings. Take things slowly by investing on art pieces one at a time. Besides, you have the ocean as your primary picturesque piece.

Install glass balustrades

The glass balustrades Gold Coast has these days can be put on stairs and the balcony—nothing is better than a vivid ocean view while you sit on your mid-century modern pieces. Gold Coast glass balustrades don’t go out of trend because they‘re durable. You can also buy glass balustrades Gold Coast stores sell these days for your pool fence.

Invest in furniture

Furniture pieces like the Knoll Sofa, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, and James Eames’ Eames Lounge Chair are only a few of the famous mid-century modern staples. Invest in furniture pieces that emulate their use and features. Furniture for beach houses should be primarily functional and breezy.

Mid-century modern design’s simplicity and straightforwardness made it endure the test of time. With no doubt, anyone with a beach house can take a few lessons from its principles. More details at http://www.artworkglass.com.au/glass-pool-fencing-balustrades-gold-coast/

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