Gambling is not something new in Indonesia. Gambling has been in Indonesia since ancient times. The existence of gambling in Indonesia has always caused controversy, from a legal perspective. Its existence has also been legalized until finally gambling is a criminal act for those who do it.

Gambling is thought to have been around since the time of Indonesia’s ancestors, even before the Indonesian state was founded. Its growth was so fast and rapid and penetrated all areas of cities and villages. And that is one of the factors that affect the difficulty of eradicating gambling in this country.

The government itself has actually officially and for a long time emphasized that Indonesia itself is a country that prohibits gambling from circulating in Indonesia and combats gambling. Even gambling is not only in Indonesia, its circulation is prohibited. Countries in other parts of the world also prohibit gambling to circulate in their country.

Indonesia itself has officially issued a law regarding the prohibition of the circulation of gambling as well as the prohibition of its citizens from gambling. This is evidenced by the many articles that regulate this gambling. But even so, it seems that people don’t want to ignore it and don’t want to know that gambling is a criminal act.

Gambling is a criminal act because gambling is something that violates the law. It is not only state law that prohibits humans or the public from gambling. Even religion assigns a despicable moral status to those who do approach or play in gambling.


Gambling itself is a game played by a group of people by involving bets in it. When it first appeared, gambling was played by people gathering with fellow gamblers and making bets, where there was a dealer who was useful as an intermediary. This gambling is known as offline gambling. This method is still there but not as much as before.

Examples of offline gambling that are very much in demand by gamblers are, poker gambling, playing rummy gambling, soccer gambling and many more. In terms of development, offline gambling is currently not very attractive compared to online gambling which is currently circulating a lot on the internet and is widely played by the public.

Gambling is a criminal act in Indonesia, this is because Indonesia has officially banned the circulation of gambling. Gambling is currently becoming popular is online gambling. People think that online gambling is more accessible than offline gambling.

Online gambling only requires an internet network and a smartphone where this is very much simpler and easier than if gamblers have to make associations to do offline gambling. In online gambling itself, it is no longer using the city as an intermediary but a system

There are many types of online gambling circulating on the internet itself, this is also a concern of the government where the government does a lot of tracking to be able to catch the owner of the site even though the results so far cannot be said to be maximal.

Various kinds of online gambling sites include online domino gambling, online slot gambling, Slot online and many more online gambling sites that are becoming popular among the public at this time.

Staying away from gambling is not wrong, because gambling is a criminal act. And the government has officially issued a law on the prohibition of gambling. So if you really want to be a good citizen then stop gambling. Because a good citizen of course will not violate the laws of the country.

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