Magnetz Slot Review

Magnetz Slot Review: RTP 96.66% (Relax Gaming)

Are you looking for the Magnetz slot review? With some interesting features and a cluster payout system, the brand-new Relax Gaming slot machine Magnetz is an option that combines high volatility with an above average RTP. 

Its design employs an almost futuristic style and mostly uses icons of various shapes as symbols, but other than that, it doesn’t appear to have a very distinct theme.

Best of Magnetz Slot Review

With up to 12 symbols per region and four sets of 3×4 reels, you have four ways to win. However, you can combine them into a larger playing area, and at that point, if wild multipliers activate at the appropriate time, clusters of 20 or more symbols might result in wins of 1,000 times the stake. 

Some of the intriguing possibilities that are included among its features are wilds with random multipliers, free spins, the Flux Respin and the Magnetic Merge bonuses. We believe there is more than enough engaging content in the Magnetz slot game if the RTP of 96.66% is taken into account.

1. Betting and Prizes

You’re left with a total bet that will be chosen based on your demands as there isn’t really a line bet to speak of. The smallest stake that may be placed is $0.10, and the largest is $50.

When you use the larger game area and have at least 20 symbols in a combo, the game’s strong volatility causes the wins to typically be fairly low, paying up to 1x for the smaller clusters of 5 symbols. 

In the game’s peak moments, you can expect wins of up to 1,000x when the random wild multiplier of up to 5x is added. If many multipliers work together simultaneously, the results could be much better. There is currently no information available on the game’s upper limit.

Even while the game’s maximum payouts don’t seem all that exciting, especially given its higher volatility, its RTP of 96.66% does appear to be respectable.

2. Slot Features

Four smaller grids of 3×4 reels are used at first, allowing clusters of up to 12 symbols to emerge. To be compensated, you must have at least five matching symbols. Once you reach the free spins, the game area can enlarge to include all four game zones, and you can then earn clusters of up to 20+ symbols that pay much greater.

During the game’s spins, wilds with arbitrary multipliers—up to 5x—will be accessible. If they are present next to them and can be included, you utilize these symbols as replacements in those new clusters. The multiplier numbers are multiplied together when there are numerous wilds in a single cluster.

The game will award you five free spins if the bonus symbols, which must appear five times in view, do so. Then, with two large gaming areas and nine reels in each, you can simultaneously create two substantial clusters.

Here, there are also Flux Respins, which are based on the two columns from the middle of the playing field that divide the two sides. 

You will either receive a Flux Respin or not based on the symbols displayed there and selected at random. You need the symbols from those columns to line up with the generated winning clusters for this to happen.

If two magnets of the same type are placed next to one another, a feature called Magnetic Merge will activate. The grids are then combined in the game, making it simpler to activate the Flux Respin.

3. Theme and Design

Although it doesn’t have a very distinct theme and doesn’t have the conventional appearance of a slot machine, the design is nonetheless fantastic. 

The symbols that were chosen include standard forms as well as bonus icons, wilds, and a variety of other shapes. There are stars, a hexagon, a diamond, a moon, a triangle, and a circle among them.

Our Conclusion

We can see veterans wanting to try out this game. Given its unique rules and high volatility, it differs significantly from the usual slot machine and seems like something an experienced player might want to try. 

Although we are unsure of the current state of the top jackpot, we did like the 96.66% RTP that has been announced for it. Finally, those are situs judi slot online terbaik thoughts on Magnetz slot review

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