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Remember Gulag Review – Display, Features & Experience

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,’ says the opening screen, paraphrasing philosopher George Santayana. Of course, NoLimit City planned and worked on the production of Remember Gulag long before the recent Russia/Ukraine war, but releasing a game like this in these times is still a risky choice. 

As a result, NoLimit City has indicated that a portion of the profits will be donated to Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine, effectively creating online slot history.

Remember Gulag Slot – Display

remember gulag slot

The Gulags were horrific forced-labor camps built on Lenin’s instructions and used largely for political prisoners and other misfits. Their use peaked under Stalin’s iron fist reign. Of course, Stalin is the top-tier emblem, and you’ll find lots of xMechanic characteristics throughout the game. You can earn up to 30,000x your bet in the bonus round, which has three layers with different levels of premium symbol multipliers.

Remember Gulag Slot Features

Between base game spins on Remember Gulag, you can activate or deactivate the Propaganda Bet option, which costs 20% more per spin. This ensures a scatter on reel 2, which unlocks reel 5 once more, thereby making it an ante bet feature that increases your bonus round odds. Saluting Bear, Semenov, Berla, Zhukov, and Stalin are the five premium symbols that pay between 4 and 6 times your stake for six of a kind wins.

xWays Multiplier 

Reels 5 and 6 are locked by default, but they will unlock if you land one or two scatters in view. With all reels open, the grid has 614,656 win ways, and xWays symbols appear on reels 1 and 2 in the base game (reels 5 and 6 in the bonus rounds). These disclose 2 to 3 instances of a randomly picked pay symbol, with the same random symbol appearing across all xWays symbols in view. The xWays multiplier doubles when split by an xSplit Wild.

xNudge Wilds appear on reels 3 and 4 throughout the game, creating a stacked wild that nudges fully into place to cover the reel. Each nudge boosts the wild multiplier by one, and if more than one is part of a win, the multipliers are added together. If an xSplit Wild splits the xNudge Wild, one extra wild is added to the reel.

Regular wilds can occur anywhere in the game, but xSplit Wilds can only appear on reels 5 and 6 in the original game (or reels 1 and 2 in the bonus rounds). Wilds substitute for pay symbols to help complete winning combinations, but xSplit Wilds divide all symbols to the left and/or right, thus creating two symbols instead of one. Scatters, unless they trigger the bonus round, turn into full wild reels when hit by this mechanic. xSplit Wilds break into two pieces and can be split further by other xSplit Wilds.

Bonus Round

When you land 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere in view, the Bonus Round is triggered, and you are awarded Gulag Spins, Gulag Spins: All Aboard or Gulag Spins: Double Vodka, as the case may be. All reels are unlocked, and there is a pre-feature setup spin that determines your number of free spins as well as the win multiplier of the four top-tier premium symbols.

Only one premium symbol is improved with a multiplier in the most basic Gulag Spins feature, however all four are upgraded in the two higher tier bonus rounds. In the Double Vodka feature, the multipliers are twice, and a character symbol reel on top of the grid can raise the premium symbol multipliers at random as the extra round progresses.

Gulag Spins

In Gulag Spins, it can boost the multiplier by +1 or +2, or double the value. The multiplier in Double Vodka can increase by +2 or +4 in addition to being doubled. Scatters will give you an extra spin if you collect three of them, and three scatters will advance you to the next bonus round tier.

Bonus Buy Spins

In some jurisdictions, the Bonus Buy menu is available, but not in the United Kingdom. Gulag Spins has an organic hit rate of 1 in 211 spins, and it will be promoted to the top-tier bonus 1 in 27 times. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Gulag Spins will cost you 78 times your bet (RTP of 96.56% ).
  • Gulag: All Aboard spins will cost you 270 times your stake (RTP of 96.82% ).
  • Gulag: Double Vodka spins will cost you 486 times your stake (RTP of 96.94 % ).
  • Pay 198x your stake for one of the three randomly given options above (RTP of 96.83 % ).

The 200 Spins Remember Gulag Slot Experience

You’ll witness some base game action before the remember Gulag Spins feature is triggered around the 1-minute mark. After that, we buy the Double Vodka feature, which begins around 3 minutes into the 6:17-minute highlights film. By pressing the play button below, you may witness for yourself how we fared in the gulag.

Summary Of The Remember Gulang Slot Review

remember gulag slot review

Only a slot on the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Holocaust could surpass Remember Gulag in terms of controversy. Even NoLimit City might not have the guts to get there, and one installment with this much emotional baggage might be enough. It’s not often that an online slot makes a political statement in response to recent events, thus NoLimit City is forging new ground in more ways than one with this call to remember previous horrors.


The mood is grim to say the least, but the main tale contains aspects of humor, which is a welcome relief from the theme’s weight. You get all of the classic xMechanic features, but the bonus round isn’t quite as hectic and insane as it was in Mental. Large winnings can happen out of nowhere, and at best, you can win up to 30,000 times your stake. It’s another solid release, but we’d like to see something a little lighter from this creator every now and then.

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