Can We Open a Casino in Indonesia?

Can We Open a Casino in Indonesia?

Casino in Indonesia – The government is still reviewing the revision of the negative investment list (DNI) or business fields that are restricted domestically for foreign business actors. Now, the government is trying to use a new approach by carrying out the concept of a positive list of investments or investments that may be open to foreigners.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartato said that apart from DNI, there are currently 5 business fields that are forbidden to be opened in Indonesia, either by foreign or domestic investors or are blacklisted.

The five business fields include the capture of endangered species that have been internationally defined by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

In addition, the business sector related to class one drug, namely marijuana. Business fields related to casinos or gambling like agen slot online or sbobet gambling site are also still on the prohibited list. The business sector of mercury-based producers is also prohibited.

“It’s a negative sector. So being negative is not allowed anywhere,” said Airlangga in his office, Monday (12/23/2019).

You have to know that will revise the rules related to DNI. So far, DNI is regulated in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) number 44 of 2016. Starting in 2020, DNI will be included in the Draft Law (RUU) on Job Creation using the omnibus law scheme.

Airlangga said in the omnibus law on job creation, the government would open 3 clusters for investment. The three clusters include a list of investment priorities, a list of positive investments (positive/white list investment), and open investments with certain requirements.

“So there are three clusters that we are discussing, one is a positive list, that one has received a tax holiday, a mini tax holiday, and other fiscal facilities. Then, a positive list white list, that one has received non-tariff facilities. The three clusters are related openly with certain conditions,” said Airlangga.

Then, several business fields that are included in the investment priority list include the chemical industry, steel industry, and so on. These business sectors will receive fiscal incentives such as tax holidays.

“Yes, if the priority is for example the upstream chemical industry or the upstream steel industry. Above Rp 500 billion can get a tax holiday,” he said.