How to Get Top-Up at Luxy Poker

How to Get Top-Up at Luxy Poker

How to Get Top-Up at Luxy Poker. There is one Poker game that generates money coffers. Besides that, it can also generate pulses. Its name is a Poker game called Luxy Poker, this game every year always holds a pulse-giving event.

In fact, almost all players in various parts of the world have the same opportunity to take part in this event. Getting a reward or a prize is what you are looking for by participating in this event.

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In 2019 the Luxy Poker game also held a pulse-giving event. When you take part in this event you will adjust several quests. And to finish it, you will get credit which you can later withdraw.

Last year the minimum withdrawal amount you could take was Rp. 50,000. and this is you want to get credit on the Poker game. Maybe you don’t know how to get credit on the Poker game. So there are many ways, not only for us to participate in events. For those of you who are curious about how you can listen to the discussion below.

How to Get Top-Up at Luxy Poker

The Luxy Poker game is not only in terms of the main game which is interesting and also unique and it also seems that this game has its own charm. one of the advantages can be in the form of credit or something else, for those of you who want to try to get credit in this game you can listen to the discussion as follows:

Credit Distribution Event

Of course the first is that we can get credit on this game by participating in the pulse sharing event, usually Evan is always held by the developer and also the developer of this Poker game at the end of the year and in 2019 yesterday this game also carried out Evan distributed credit in September.

Sell ​​Chips

Then, to get pulses in the Luxy Poker game is by selling chips, you can do this as an alternative to your business because you could say selling chips in the Poker game is a promising endeavor.

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Sell ​​Account

Next is the way you sell your Poker account, usually this method is only used for players who want to retire and are already bored with playing this Poker game and they take shortcuts to get profit by selling accounts, usually these sellers accept various transactions such as payment via credit or cash.

Guide To Get Luxy Poker Credit Top Up

Match Jockey Services

The unthinkable thing is for us to get credit in this game by opening match jockey services, for example, when your friends want to take part in tournaments for example and they are less confident in their abilities they usually rely more on other people to win the tournament, then here you have to submit yourself so that you are selected to be the jockey and as a result you will get credit or cash for payment.

Join Tournaments

The next way is by participating in a Poker tournament, this method is arguably the most followed because as we already know that when we take part in a Poker tournament and win it, of course the prizes offered will be very good, sometimes we don’t just get credit, we will but we get a lot of chips and he’s another interesting one too.


Maybe that’s all about the way to get credit at Luxy Poker, hopefully this method can be useful for those of you who want to try to get credit in the various ways above, finally, thank you!